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8 Parts of the Human Body Which Are Useless


Not all body parts serve an important function. Evolution has rendered a few body parts useless or with least use. Darwin had also pointed out a dozen of parts which are either useless or nearly useless. Let’s get to know about a few of them.


1. Male nipple

Ever wondered why do men also have nipples? Well in initial stage of its development foetus is sexless. Men do not have required level of prolactin and hence cannot stimulate lactation.

Male nipple


2. Coccyx

It is the end segment of vertebral column in humans. Most anatomy falsely mention that coccyx is fused in adults. It sits behind sacrum.



3. Muscle of ears

Few animals like dogs can freely move their ears. Humans still have it and it serves absolutely no purpose.

Muscle of ears


4. Arrector pili muscles responsible for Goosebumps

These muscles are responsible for goose bumps and in animals it helps to puff up the fur for protection and insulation.

Arrector pili muscles responsible for Goosebumps

Arrector pili muscles responsible for Goosebumps2


5. Third eyelid

Right at the corner of the eye next to the nose bridge there exists a little piece of pink skin which is useless to human as it serves no necessary purpose for us however some animals require it because for them it acts a thin transparent membrane which protects their eye.

Third eyelid


6. Toes

Over the years we have transferred balancing from midline of the feet to side of or feet indicating that we used to depend on our toes for balance but now we don’t rely much on them.



7. Wisdom teeth

Our jaws have reduced in size over the years leaving no space for wisdom teeth. 1 in 1o people suffer from dental crowding. Hence we definitely don’t need an extra tooth in adulthood.

Wisdom teeth


8.Body hair

This is a dream for most of the girls out there. It would free them from the pain of waxing. Now we agree that eyebrow keep sweat from reaching eyes, beard helps attract opposite gender but what do we need body hair for?

Body hair


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