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19+ Powerful Sacred Games Dialogues


Sacred Games dialogues are not only powerful but Provocative too. There are basically insufficient motivations to get snared on to Sacred Games. Be it the exhibitions, workmanship bearing, pacing, or discourse, everything is notorious in its own specific manner. Seven years really taking shape, Sacred Games is an epic of excellent wealth and influence. Vikram Chandra’s epic draws the peruser profound into the life of Inspector Sartaj Singh—and into the criminal black market of Ganesh Gaitonde, the most wanted gangster in India. Here are the absolute most great discoursed that give you a look into the authors’ aggregate virtuoso and the show’s crude and tense splendor.

Here are the mind-blowing Sacred Games Dialogues:

1. Jab desh ke pm ka imaan nahin to apun…

Bsst Sacred Games Dialogues

2. Agar heroine hero ke sath pehle he shot me nikal gayi na…

Bsst Sacred Games Dialogues

3. Kabhi Kabhi lagta hai ki…Bsst Sacred Games Dialogues

4.Apun Kukukoo ke piche bhaag rha tha…blank

5. Apne lu** se bahar Nikal,… Bsst Sacred Games Dialogues

6. 1977 mai Indira Gandhi ki emergency chaalu thi….Bsst Sacred Games Dialogues

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7. Kashmir main homeminister ki beti kidnap hogayi thi…Bsst Sacred Games Dialogues

8.Mumbai seher hai ye, kuch bhi ho sakta hai…Bsst Sacred Games Dialogues

9.Hero banna hai to pahle comedy chor…Bsst Sacred Games Dialogues

10. Aadmi andarse jitna kaala hota hai…Bsst Sacred Games Dialogues

11.Hindu hotel se apun seekha ki…Bsst Sacred Games Dialogues

12. Duniya ke bazaar main sabse bada dhandha hai…Bsst Sacred Games Dialogues

13.Ye system,YehBambai,YehIndia,YehSabKaunHai?Bsst Sacred Games Dialogues

14.  Gareeb logon ka entry sirf….Bsst Sacred Games Dialogues

15. …Asli dhanda hai politics.Bsst Sacred Games Dialogues

16.Tum mardon ko aisa kyu lagta hai…Bsst Sacred Games Dialogues

17.Teri Ga** mai chhatri daalke…

Bsst Sacred Games Dialogues

18. …Jiase hum ek Ga** hagte hoBsst Sacred Games Dialogues

19. …Bhagwan ko Lu** farak nhi padta.Bsst Sacred Games Dialogues

20.Hindustan jab hindustan nahin bana tha….

Bsst Sacred Games Dialogues

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