Fun & Humour Unique Gender Reveal Ideas For Best Surprise

Unique Gender Reveal Ideas For Best Surprise


Here we collected some fun ways to reveal the baby’s gender to your family and friends. It is one of the most important questions that every soon-to-be parent has about their baby. Is it a boy or a girl? These days parents don’t just provide or know the answer, they try to make it into a celebration where the sex of the baby is revealed. As it is becoming a trend, many people are coming up with exciting and unique ideas for the big reveal. Therefore, we have tried to come up with 10 unique ways in which you can throw the perfect gender reveal party.

1. Gender Reveal Piñata:

This idea is not just unique but very easy to execute too. You just have to buy a Piñata and fill it with blue or pink confetti. You can smash the Piñata yourself with your partner or you can even create a game out of it to make the reveal more exciting.

2. Harry Potter Gender Reveal

This idea is for all the Potterheads out there. If you want to make your gender reveal party more exciting among other Potterhead friends of yours, you can get a sorting hat and let everyone watch as you lift the sorting hat to reveal the gender of the baby.

3. Gender Reveal LED Lightsabers:

This idea is specifically for Star Wars fans. If you want to incorporate your favorite movie series into the gender reveal party, you can use The Force to reveal your baby’s gender. Get a blue or pink lightsaber for yourself and your friends, and illuminate it in a dark room. It will surely make this party memorable for you.

4. Gender Reveal Tire Spinning:

This gender reveals burnout will be too cool for you and your family or friends. With many colored burnout tire packs, you can get either pink or blue colored packs and pull some stunts on your car or bike as you reveal the gender of the baby.

5. Pop the Balloon Gender Reveal:

This is a unique and fun way to incorporate balloons in your gender reveal. Fill balloons with blue and pink colored water but make sure to fill the majority of the balloon with the color of your baby’s sex. Make a dartboard using cardboard and attach these balloons to the board. The guests can take turns to pop these balloons using darts and whichever color comes in the majority is the gender of the baby.

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6. Blindfolded Taste Test:

You may have heard of a number of ways to incorporate food in gender reveal but this is something new. Have pink or blue-themed food made for the party. For example, strawberries for girl and blueberries for boy and do the classic blindfolded taste test to reveal the gender of the baby.

7. Rubber Duck Fizz:

For this unique idea you may need to do a “do it yourself” project involving bath bombs. Attach a rubber duck at the top of a bath bomb and make sure to use the color of the bath bomb pink or blue, according to the gender of the baby. Suspend these rubber ducks in a bucket of water and let the water-works begin.

8. Gender-Reveal Straws:

You can find these straws in a local shop or order it online. The speciality about these straws is that they change color when dipped in a drink. Give your guests one of these towards the end of the meal with their drinks and amaze everyone as they reveal the gender of the baby.

9. Gender Reveal Scratch Cards:

You can get these scratch cards online or you can even watch some DIY videos to make your own scratch cards. Attach these scratch cards on the back of the return gift cards for your guests and as the party comes to an end, ask them to scratch the cards to reveal the secret.

10. Gender Reveal Puzzle:

During these trying times, it may not be possible for you to gather around all the friends and family members in your home. But you can still include them in the big reveal. Get a puzzle box or make one that says “it’s a boy/girl” or something more personalized. Ship this puzzle to your friends and family members and let them put the pieces together to get your message.

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Unique Gender Reveal Ideas For Best Surprise

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