11 Ways To Contribute to a Society – Things You Can Contribute To Society


Want to contribute to society? A number of people have this misconception that only those people need to take care of the society who are already settled in life, which is not true. It is the responsibility of each and every person around the globe to lead a life that balances perfectly between the betterment of themselves as well as the society in general. It is true when they say little drops of water make an ocean. A person doesn’t need to donate millions or perform a heroic act to contribute to society, a little act of kindness can also do the deed. 


Therefore, we have come up with 11 out of hundreds of ways in which you can contribute to society:-


1. Blood Donation:

Ways to contribute in a society - donate blood - things you have contributed to society

Shortage of proper blood banks and less availability of blood has cost a lot of lives and continues to do so. You can easily donate this life-saving elixir and save a lot of lives throughout your life. Donating blood not only helps the community but also screens your blood for infections that can be detected by the blood, which is a major personal benefit as well.


2. Follow the 3R’s:

You will do this society a huge favor if you strictly adhere to the three environmental R’s i.e., Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. The pollution around the globe is increasing like crazy and by following these three simple rules, you can give back to mother earth more than you could have even imagined.


3. Family Planning:

Ways to contribute in a society - things you have contributed to society

Population increase has become a major concern in the given scenario. Earth will not be able to sustain if the population boom increases at a similar rate. By planning your family beforehand, you will not only be helping your own family and finances but also the planet as a whole.


4. Be A Volunteer:

How to contribute in a society - volunteer work - things you have contributed to society

Taking some time out of the busy schedule for volunteer work will help the society at large and at the same time will also give you some mental peace. As a volunteer, you can help an old person, a hospital that is falling short on its staff, people with disabilities, and so much more. 


5. Save Fuel:

save fuel and contribute to a society - things you have contributed to society

This is one of the most common suggestions given to anyone and everyone but it is shocking that a very less number of individuals take this seriously. Saving fuel not only means taking public transport, it rather includes a lot of other factors like keeping one’s own vehicle serviced and checked for pollution, better tire quality, etc., so that the vehicle keeps giving more mileage.

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6. Donate:

things you have contributed to society

It is easier to throw out the things that you don’t use but you can even donate the excess things that you have lying around in your house. Some of the things that you can consider for donation are books, clothes, shoes, toys, etc.


7. Increase Awareness:

things you have contributed to society - increase awareness

Making others aware of the ways they can help society is helping society too. You can take initiatives to make others aware of education, prevailing health issues, global issues, environmental threats, etc., and motivate them to take an action.


8. Feed the Hungry:

thing you have contribute in a society by feeding poor and hungry

It is comparatively easier to give a poor person some money and expecting that their basic needs will be met with the money. It is a fair practice but often this money is used in actions that you would not want to encourage. A much better practice to follow is feeding the poor. You can get an extra meal from your favorite restaurant and give it to the homeless person you see always. They will be forever grateful to you.

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9. Teach people in your community useful skills to benefit their lives.

Ways To Contribute to a Society - things you have contributed to society
Image by © Jim Cummins/CORBIS via

You must surely be having great skills and knowledge and you can help society by sharing your knowledge with others. An example of this can be giving free tuition classes to poor kids who cannot afford proper education.


10. Get Involved in the Community Programs:

things you have contributed to society
via – humanafoundation.org

Another easy and beneficial way to help the community is by participating in the different events that are organized within the community like cleanliness drives, tree planting, charity functions, etc.


11. Listening:

things you have contributed to society 2

Given the busy schedule that everyone has these days, there is not really much time for anyone to listen to others. This increases the loneliness within individuals. You can take some time out to listen to others and show some empathy to them. This can help them and give a new motivation and positivity.


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