IndiaFor the Nature Lovers' Waterfalls Near Pune

For the Nature Lovers’ Waterfalls Near Pune


Pune, with its vibrancy and spirituality, has a lot to offer. From museums and forts to gardens and amusement parks, the city is beautiful to visit if you are planning a getaway. In fact, some of the top attractions are the waterfalls near Pune.

These waterfalls near Pune are a treat for any nature lover and offer serenity away from city life. Cascading down the steep slopes of forests, these scenic waterfalls are a sight to behold.

With a little bit of trekking involved, you can visit these waterfalls and bank on the scenic beauty of the nature that surrounds them. Here’s a list of waterfalls near Pune that are a must-visit.


Madhe Ghat Waterfalls

Madhe Ghat Waterfalls Near Pune

Located amidst forests and hills in Raigad, Madhe Ghat is a scenic beauty from which you can even see the Raigad forts when there’s less fog. Located at a distance of 86 kilometres from Pune, it is one of the popular waterfalls near Pune.

Another point of attraction of this waterfall is the trek that takes you up there. Descending into the valleys near the waterfall, the trek is suitable for beginner trekkers who want to explore nature.


Jagtap Waterfall

Jagtap Waterfall near pune

One of the safest waterfalls near Pune, Jagtap waterfall, is located at a distance of just 55 kilometres from Pune. This is a privately-owned waterfall which has concrete steps, making it easy to reach.

Accessible only to families, this waterfall has a nominal entry fee and has rules in place that make it a safe and clean place. While heading to Jagtap waterfall, you can even visit the Mau waterfall, which is a few kilometres from Jagtap waterfall.


Kataldhar Waterfall

Kataldhar Waterfall Near Pune

Situated in Rajmachi, Katalghar waterfall is one of the infamous spots among adventurers and trekkers. Clearly visible from the Shrivardhan Fort, this waterfall flows through a rock that resembles a horse shoe and hence is known as the Horse Shoe waterfall.

Although a little difficult to reach, it does not deter people from visiting it because of the scintillating sights on offer. This waterfall is dangerous to visit during heavy rainfall, which is why you should try to visit it after the heavy monsoons.


Zenith Waterfall

Zenith Waterfall Near Pune

This is one of the waterfalls near Pune that is also close to Mumbai. At a distance of 80 kilometres from Pune and 73 from Mumbai, you can visit this waterfall after a small trek. Surrounded by an abundance of natural beauty, the waterfall has a stunning and mesmerising view.

You can even look at the camping options made available by some travel agencies and spend the night near the waterfalls. One of the best times to visit this waterfall would be the monsoon season, during which you can enjoy the pitter-patter of the rain.

Apart from the waterfalls near Pune, you can also visit the ones that are located at a further distance. Regardless of the waterfall you visit, you are bound to have an experience that’ll stay with you.

Be sure to check whether the waterfall you plan to visit is accessible at the time you plan your visit. Another important thing to do is to ensure that you are insured. Insurance is the best way to protect yourself against financial loss that may incur for different reasons.

While traditional insurance offers coverage against major risks, it does not cover the minor risks that may incur due to mishaps that may happen on such a trip. Here, the ideal solution is to opt for specialised insurance plans to cover risks common with such trips.

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