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10 Beauty Tips To Make Your Face Thinner or Skinner


We all know one of the most used methods to make your face look thinner is by makeup and contouring. But as easy as it sounds or looks in those perfect YouTube tutorial videos, right contouring is not everyone’s cup of tea. Are you worried about that little weight gain that may make your face look a bit bloated and may not bring out your best features? Then worry no more. As we have come up with 10 tips to create an illusion of a much slimmer face.


Here we bring 10 Beauty Tips to make your face Skinner & Slimmer:

1. Make Your Eyes Pop:

Beauty Tips To Make Your Face skinner

Bigger eyes make the face look slimmer. To make your eyes pop out, apply some shimmer in the inner corners of the eyes and use a dark brown, black, or grey liner across the upper lash line. Don’t put liner on the lower lash line and curl up your lashes by applying at least two coats to volumizing mascara.


2. Cat’s Eye:

Beauty Tips To Make Your Face Skinner-cat eye

Another helpful way to make your face look smaller is by doing the cat’s eye make-up. By doing this, you can create an illusion of an elongated lash line and eye shape in a more upward direction. This draws more attention to the corners which help in making the face look slimmer.


3. Filled Eyebrows:

Beauty Tips To Make Your Face Thinner Filled Eyebrows

Thick and angular eyebrows are the simplest form of contouring and can help your face look slimmer. Use an eyebrow pencil or a shadow one shade lighter than your natural eyebrow color to make the brows look fuller.

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4. The Depth Effect:

Beauty Tips To Make Your Face Skinner Depth Effect

A pressed matte powder that is one shade darker than your actual skin tone can help wonders in your face look thinner. Use this powder and lightly shade the jawbone, sides of the nose, and temples with very little product so that it is barely noticeable.


5. Shimmer:

Beauty Tips To Make Your Face Thinner Shimmer

Apply some translucent shimmer along your cheekbones and collar bones. By doing this, you are highlighting your bone structure and drawing less attention to the round face.


6. Part the Hair:

Beauty Tips To Make Your Face Skinner -part the hair

A center part makes the face look rounder. It is important that you find out which side of yours is more flattering, face-slimming, and overall attractive. To make the perfect part, use the arch of your eyebrow as a guide and start the part from there, going back in a straight line.


7. Reconsider the Bangs:

Beauty Tips To Make Your Face Thinner

Softer side bangs are the ones that generally create the illusion of a longer face whereas if your hair is cut in long layers, even that can help you get rid of the wider face. But if you have shorter bangs, you need to cut them loose as they make the face look wider and rounder.

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8. Voluminous Hair:


The hair that lies flat on the head makes the face look unwantedly wider. To make the face look longer and slimmer, add some volume on the crown of your head by making it a bit messy while maintaining the rest of the hair smoothly.

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9. Ponytail or Updo:

Beauty Tips To Make Your Face Slimmer

As explained above, creating an extra height effect on the crown can make your face look longer. And one of the easiest ways to do that is to make a hairstyle that rests on the crown for example a high ponytail or a twisted messy high bun.


10. Long Jewellery and Angular Shades:

Beauty Tips To Make Your Face slimmer

Long and elongated dangly earrings and sleek pendants make the face look longer and make it appear slimmer because of all the vertical lines. For an event where you might have to wear shades, wide and rectangular frames will give your face a sleeker look.


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