Lifestyle17 Pretty Side Tattoos for Women With Complete Guide

17 Pretty Side Tattoos for Women With Complete Guide


Though side tattoos are worn by both men and women, side tattoos for women look particularly charming. Where enough effort is involved, side tattoos for women become a pure work of art.


Side tattoos are very easy to hide in the workplace, where employers often disapprove of tattoos. However, you can easily flaunt your side tattoo on places like club parties and beaches. The side part of the human body provides a sufficiently large canvas for complex and detailed tattoo designs. You can either choose to fully utilise your side area and get a big and intricate tattoo piece or, you can opt for a small, cute, and dainty piece. It all depends on your aesthetic tastes.


People usually ink designs on their bodies, which hold deep meanings for them. If you want to get a side tattoo but have difficulty in deciding on a suitable tattoo design, then don’t worry. There are many professional people whose jobs include helping other people finding the best-customised tattoo designs for themselves. They can help you too in finding your elusive best tattoo design.


After inking your chosen tattoo design, keep good care of it during the healing period of the tattooed skin. Remember to keep it moisturized during the healing period, there are many good tattoo creams out in the market that you can easily purchase.


Taking care of your tattoo design after getting inked is very important as the ultimate look of your tattoo depends a lot on how you take care of it during its healing period. You should also refrain from putting pressure against your newly inked tattoo design. Carelessness and lack of cleanliness just after getting tattoos can cause various kinds of skin ailments.


However, once your healing period is over, you will be free to show off your confident, bold, and beautiful side tattoo designs to the whole world.


1. Cute small flower side tattoo for women

beautiful side tattoos for women



big side tattoos for women


3. Butterfly art side tattoo most liked by women

butterfly side tattoos for women



cute side tattoos for women



feather side tattoos for women

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6. This horse side tattoo most popular in women

horse side tattoos for girls



horse side tattoos for women



meaningful side tattoos for women



quote side tattoos for women

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rose side tattoos for women



sexy side tattoos for women



side tattoos for women


13. Small Side Tattoo you should try

small side tattoos for women



sun side tattoos for women

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text side tattoos for girl



text side tattoos for women



trending side tattoos for women


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