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43 Best Arrow Tattoos for Women


From a full bow and arrow to a simple compass tattoo, there are many arrow tattoo ideas that can be tweaked and modified to fit your own individual style and story. Here we bring 40+ best arrow tattoo ideas for women which you can have on your body. Let’s first know the meaning of the arrow tattoo and what it represents.


Arrow Tattoo Meaning:-

An arrow being pulled back on a bow symbolizes conflict, tension, or life struggle. The arrow is literally being held back with the bow. One might get this tattoo because it looks beautiful, but on the other hand, it does represent suppression.

This tattoo doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom though. Maybe your zodiac sign is Sagittarius. The bow and arrow are the symbols for that fire astrological sign. Sagittarians love flaunting this tattoo because it displays what their sign represents: Laid back but also ambitious.

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Here are some trending Arrow Tattoo designs and ideas for women:-

1. Simple Arrow tattoo for forearm or wrist

arrow tattoo on forearm


2. Big arrow tattoo

arrow tattoo for men


3. If you are looking for a minimal design this arrow tattoo design will be one of the options.

arrow tattoo for hand


4. If you are in love with small tattoos. This small arrow tattoo will be best suited to your finger.

arrow tattoo for finger


5. This long arrow tattoo design with fur looks amazing.

arrow tattoo for boys


6. Arrow Tattoo for your back.

arrow tattoo for back


7. Beautiful arrow tattoo for women

antique arrow tattoo


8. Beautiful arrow tattoo for girls

feather arrow tattoo

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9. Arrow tattoo with text “Faith”

faith arrow tattoo


10. Double Arrow tattoo design.

double arrow tattoo for men women



dark big arrow tattoo


12. Faith arrow tattoo with flying birds.

creative arrow tattoo


13. Semicolon arrow tattoo

beautiful arrow tattoo


14. Arrow tattoo design with leaves

arrow tattoo with thread


15. Cross arrow tattoo.

arrow tattoo with meaning


16. Bow and arrow tattoo design with leaves and flowers.

arrow tattoo with flower


17. Arrow Tattoo on ribs.

arrow tattoo on ribs


18. Side hand arrow tattoo design.

simple arrow tattoo for women


19. Arrow tattoo with roman numbers (birthdate or any other important dates)

Roman Numeral Arrow Rib Tattoo

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20. Arrow tattoo with colorful feather

red fur arrow tattoo


21. Arrow tattoo with warrior text

powerful arrow tattoo


22. Arrow tattoo design with moon

Ornamental Compass Moon Arrow Temporary Tattoo


23. Arrow tattoo with waves.

modern arrow tattoo


24. Let it be – arrow tattoo.

let it be arrow tattoo



lasvegas arrow tattoo


26. Girl with bow and arrow.

girl with bow and arrow tattoo


27. Arrow tattoo with geometric shapes on back.

geometric shape arrow tattoo


28. Arrow tattoo with text ‘serenity’

Forearm tattoo of an arrow crossing the word

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29. Small arrow tattoo on wrist.

female arrow tattoo


30. Arrow tattoo for girls with compass

Wanderlust Compass Arrow Tattoo



unique arrow tattoo



trending arrow tattoo

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tiny arrow tattoo



tiny arrow tattoo with fur



text arrow tattoo



strong arrow tattoo



small arrow tattoo for shoulder



small arrow tattoo for hand



slim stylish arrow tattoo

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simple back arrow tattoo



small bow and arrow tattoo



colorful arrow tattoo with fur



designer arrow tattoo


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