SportsHow to Play Bitcoin Casino Online in 2022

How to Play Bitcoin Casino Online in 2022


If you ask any gambling pro the secret to their success, they will tell playing on a reputable site. This leads to the question, where do you play Bitcoin Casino online in 2022? How do you choose a reputable gaming site and what other tips contribute to success?

Why Play Bitcoin Casino Online?

Plenty of promotions and tournaments – A reputable Bitcoin casino will let you participate in plenty of daily and weekly tournaments. You will enjoy a variety of bonus packages including free spins, deposit bonuses, cashback and promotions.

Exclusive VIP membership offers – The best Bitcoin casino will enrol you on an exclusive VIP program if you are a heavy player. Such memberships will unlock massive deposit bonuses, hefty cashback and personalized features just for you.

Trusted reputable brands -The internet is full of dubious providers looking to steal from you. This does not mean there are no reputable brands where you can play Bitcoin casinos online. Employ our golden tips on responsible gambling to help you identify the best cryptocurrency casino. Good gambling sites are operated by reputable and experienced developers and business people.

Active customer support – Quality Bitcoin casinos are always there for their customers. They are supportive and they swiftly respond to customer tickets. If you have doubts, or questions or need any kind of help, a reputable gambling casino will have a support team at your disposal.

Quick payouts and withdrawals – The best bitcoin casino ensure you cash out smoothly. They will also have clear information on how, when and using what method you should withdraw. Bitcoin gambling sites take speed to another level by processing fast payouts, unlike fiat payment methods.

Security – Bitcoin gambling sites are secure, and anonymous and have features to ensure the safety of personal data. Your funds as well as your financial data are in your control. Furthermore, consider a gaming site that comes with 2-factor authentication to prevent anyone from login into your account.

Variety of payment options – You do not just want a gaming site where you can only pay or cash out in Bitcoin. It could be someone hates the volatility of Bitcoin and they want the security of fiat or a stablecoin. A good casino provides that balance by availing a variety of payment options to choose. For example, you could have Visa or Mastercard, Bitcoin, Ethereum or stablecoins like USDT and USDC.

Trade on the Go – A gambling site should also have a friendly mobile version. Hence, users can play Bitcoin casinos online and on the go. The most reputable Bitcoin casino will support Linux, macOS, Windows, Android, and IOS devices.

Licensed and audited – Gambling regulations are direct. Regulators protect users against dubious providers who could scam them or have poorly developed platforms. Authorities require gambling sites to undergo proper auditing before receiving a license. Ensure your gaming provider has undertaken an audit from a credible auditing company and has met the requirements of gaming authorities.

Playing Bitcoin Casino Online with RocketPot

RocketPot is the best Bitcoin casino offering a wide selection of games, generous bonus packages and a beginner-friendly interface. The selection of games has passed the 4,000 levels are sourced from over 56 reputable gaming providers.

The gaming site prides itself on its diverse community, a huge welcome bonus in ETH and security features. RocketPot has undergone auditing, which ascertains its security features. Users can also lock their accounts with a Google 2-factor authentication to prevent unauthorised logins.

Furthermore, the platform has made it easy to gamble on the go through its robust IOS and Android versions. You can also access it on your desktop through the browser version. All of these versions are built with the latest UI and UX principles to ensure smooth navigation.

Anonymity is one feature that separates the best casino from the good casino. Also, the best way to play Bitcoin casino online in 2022 is to enjoy a private gaming experience. RocketPot provides full anonymity because the gaming experience takes place on the blockchain. You will fill in KYC and AML, but all these are safety mechanisms to protect your funds.

Why should you play Bitcoin Casino Online with RocketPot?

  • There is a casino game for everyone, – RocketPot offers plenty of games, over 4,000 from 56 providers. You can enjoy all these games for the rest of your day.
  • Good reputation – A lot of players have left positive online reviews about their experience playing Bitcoin casino online with RocketPot. They consider it one of the best places to play roulette, slots, live table deals and so much more.
  • Active community – Community members on the platform are usually active, supportive and interactive.
  • 2-factor authentication from Google – This feature keeps away unauthorised users from login into your account.
  • Active customer support – RocketPot has responsive 24/7 customer support that’s always ready to help.
  • Supports multiple currencies – supports BTC, ETH, LTC, BNB, USDT, NEO, XRP and so many more.

Golden tips when playing casino games on RocketPot

  1. Spot a convenient Bitcoin casino gaming platform – The best Bitcoin casino is licensed by reputable authorities. For example, RocketPot took a license from the Curacao gaming authority in 2019. You should also avoid taking advertising for bonuses in good faith without conducting due diligence. Some bonus promotions are scams and are meant to lure you towards a dubious bitcoin casino.
  2. Bonuses and Promotions– Evaluate multiple options of bitcoin gambling sites and spot one with suitable opt-in promotions. Bonus promotions could be in the form of free spins, registration bonuses, deposit bonuses and match bonuses. A suitable promotional bonus is one that you like and one that’s fair.
  3. Responsible gaming– Play Bitcoin casino online responsibly. Losing streaks could affect your mental health. You need a break whenever you begin feeling the losses are more than the wins. Also, avoid investing capital you would not afford to lose.
  4. Be a quick decision-maker and make good swift strategies- Professional gamblers are quick with their decisions and can make wise strategies in real-time. Practice till you become perfect. Maintain speed and strategise each move you make when gambling online.
  5. Learn from professional players – There is always an opportunity to learn and earn. Do not be stagnant. Ensure you learn how each game works and how you can explore a site’s full potential in order to win. Do not take chances and whenever you identify red flags on a gambling site – inquire from support and check reviews. Never play on a platform with unclear information about deposits and payouts.
  6. Effective time management– You can play so many games at any given time through a reputable bitcoin gaming platform. Hence learn how to manage your time effectively, do research and make thoughtful moves.
  7. Our golden tip number 7: Enjoy and have fun!
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