World11 Totally Crazy Facts That Will Guaranteed Blow Your...

11 Totally Crazy Facts That Will Guaranteed Blow Your Mind


The world around us is wonderful and holds several hidden facts in spite of ever increasing human efforts to find them. Revelation of these facts leads to truths bizarre and unbelievable.

Let’s get to know 11 of such unbelievable crazy facts:-

Crazy Fact #1 – Your body sheds 10 billion skin flakes everyday

billion skin flakes billion skin flakes2

Human skin is an amazing organ it continuously regenerates itself. New skin cells form underneath the skin surface and gradually make their way up to surface forcing the old dead cells to falls off due to our daily activities. It takes approx. 1 month time for new cells to reach up the surface of our skin which means we have new skin every 1 month.

Wanna be even more surprised? Well here you go…. our skin sheds 30000-40000 skin cells every hour and in total we shed around 3.6kg of skin cells per year and even grosser our house is filled with trillions of mites which eat away our dead skin cells .

Crazy Fact #2 – Only Schizophrenics can tickle themselves

Schizophrenics can tickle
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Schizophrenics can tickle

One can never tickle himself because the part of brain called cerebellum warns rest of the brain that you are about to tickle yourself and hence brain ignores resulting sensation however schizophrenics can tickle themselves due to neurological changes in schizophrenic brain disables ability to distinguish self initiated actions.

Crazy Fact #3 – A mattress doublesits weight after 10 years of usage, collecting dust and dust mites.

mattress doublesits facts mattress doublesits facts

Throughout this time, vermin eat tiny parts of our skin, which fall down into the mattress folds and we already know by now that we generate 3.6kgs of food for them every year. 15% of the air we breathe contains only human dead skin cells.

Crazy Fact #4 – People with good social circle have more chances of survival when faced with a life threatening disease.

People with good social circle

They have lesser stress, tension and stronger defenses and tend to live longer.

Crazy Fact #5 – Truthful person gives more details and a liar sticks to basics

Truthful person includes more details in his answers whereas a liar tries to avoid details as he constantly fears being caught.

Truthful person gives more details
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Crazy Fact #6 – Sex workers in Australia can claim lingerie, cosmetics and hair care as tax deductions.

Sex workers in Australia can claim lingerie

It definitely sounds like an unrealistic dream to women. This deduction is allowed because it is considered necessity for them and would result in increased customers for them, thereby increasing money supply and standard of living. It definitely sounds like an unrealistic dream to women.

Crazy Fact #7 – Brain perceives rejection and pain in same manner.

Brain perceives rejection and pain

When a rejection is faced Mu-opioid sensory receptors are activated and the same receptors “work” when you feel pain. Crying or sadness is the immediate response of brain in these cases.

Crazy Fact #8 – Average person walks almost 3 around times the world

Average person walks almost

An average person ends up walking 120000kilometers in their lifetime which amounts to walking 3 times around the world.

Crazy Fact #9 – Humans spend around 3 weeks of our life kissing

An average person spends around 2.5 weeks to 3 weeks of their lifetime indulging in a simple act of kissing.

Humans spend 3 week in kissing

Crazy Fact #10 – Guinness book of world records holds the record of being the most frequently stolen book from public libraries across globe.

Wow! A record book itself holds a record. However the most stolen book anywhere is bible.

Guinness book of world record

Crazy Fact #11 – Celery has negative calories

It takes more calories to eat a piece of celery than the celery provides. Same is the case with apples. Now we know what to look for when wanting to lose weight.

facts about fat loss foodfacts about fat loss food


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