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How To Play UNO Like A Pro In 5 Minutes


UNO is a universally reckoned card game that is of great delectation to people of all age groups- ranging from teens to adults and even the elderly. Long story short, it is of great servitude when it comes to a pastime with your favorite people. A box of UNO or a deck more specifically, totals hundred-and-eight cards. Fours colored cards- green, yellow, red and blue have a range of sub-cards. These further divide into having one green card numbered 0, 2 of them having number 1, two having number 2, and the series continues till number 9. The same goes for the rest of the suits; yellow, red and blue. The deck also stacks two draws two cards, reverse cards and skip cards, which again are of all four colors. The clause does not end here, the game changers and most treasured cards count in too- the eight wild cards, two of them being the draw four ones. Altogether sum them up, and they give a complete set of 108 UNO cards, which more or less are globally of the same count.  

uno card types
UNO Card Types

What you Need

The game does not demand much.  All one needs is a friend, or maybe two, or three, or count it up to ten! The box itself has instructions, and unlike other board games or card games, it does not have variations in the ‘how to play’ functionality. Hand management is what one might need, as the hassle of a turn-by-turn might create utter perplexity. No hand management deliberately leads one to lose focus, and you never know how long it takes for a comeback, probably as long as the struggle ends! Make sure to play with sane ages, or a single match might take decades-long to stop; figuratively. The average time, however, is a good 10 minutes, depending on the number of players.  

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What Functions What

Consisting of a few cards in the deck are such that might puzzle players about the functionality; however, understanding them is not a complexity.

The game typically goes by in a clockwise manner; provided and recommended that all players sit in a circle. It cannot go by if one does not understand all the essentials of the deck. Therefore precisely, the game goes anti-clockwise with a reverse card placed. A skip denotes missing out the turn of the successive player (the one who was supposed to be next in turn). Besides, a draw 4/2 card means that a player has dawned upon the consecutive dealer to add up (4 or 2 cards) to his cards held in hand. A draw four also brings about the kingship of the player who has given up that card in a manner that the player now decides what color should next follow the sequence. the global card at any instant placed by the person in sequential turn means the decision of what color is set next rests with that particular person.


Slip out the cards and shuffle the deck to get started with the game. Deal seven cards to each player turn by turn, facing the UNO side upwards so that no player can see the others’ cards. Being done with that, stack rest of the cards in a draw pile placed to one side; again making sure they face downwards.  Now turn around a card from the draw pile, and that is where it begins. The pile where players stack cards are the discard pile. The dealer has to match an aspect of discard pile; this could be the number, color, or symbol. Ascertain to place all cards in the discard pile facing upwards as without it the game does not progress. If the cards in a player’s hand do not match the card of the discard pile, they may draw one from the pile placed facing downwards. If the new card now makes a match, the player can decide to place it in the discard pile. Note that you can use wild and draw four at any instant of your turn which quite much assembles your position into the game. Continue playing all the cards until a player exits the game upon their win call. The win decides when a player has one last card left and shouts out ‘UNO’. However, if the last card does not make a match during the next turn, then the game has to continue. If a person wins, the following positions decide by adding up the scores of the cards left in hand; the lesser the sum, the higher the rank. Numbered cards have their respective face values; wild cards add 50 points and 20 points for the rest of all cards- reverse, skip, and draw 2.

A fun fact regarding this is that UNO cards are the invention of a barber, who first made them and stacked them on his kitchen counter; who knew they would soon be a delight to nearly every counter!

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