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43 Hot Pics of Jordyn Huitema, The Most Beautiful Canadian Soccer Player


Jordyn Pamela Huitema is a most beautiful Canadian soccer player. Jordyn Huitema is one of the hottest female footballers. She plays as a forward for the National Women’s Soccer League Club and the Canada national team. She was born on 8th May 2001 in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada. Jordyn Huitema is 1.8m tall which is quite a good height. She started playing soccer at the age of four. Huitema made her first junior appearance for Canada with the national under-15 team on August 7, 2014, against Puerto Rico in a 5–0 victory.


Jordyn Huitema Love Life

Jordyn Huitema is currently dating Seattle Mariners baseball player Julio Rodriguez. Previously she was in a relationship with Alphonso Davies from 2017 to 2022. On May 22, 2022, they separated.


Here are the 43 stunning hot pics of Jordyn Huitema:-

1. Jordyn Huitema posing for a photoshoot.

Jordyn Huitema most beautiful soccer player
Credit – Jordyn Huitema Instagram


2. Click from a match.



3. Jordyn Huitema having a good time on the beach.

Jordyn-Huitema-hot bikini


4. Jordyn Huitema soaking the sun on the yacht.

Jordyn-Huitema-hot holiday pic

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Jordyn-Huitema-hot pool pic


6. Jordyn Huitema relaxing on beach.

Jordyn-Huitema-hot sun bath



Jordyn-Huitema-in hot pants


8. Jordyn Huitema with one of the best soccer player Lionel Messi

Jordyn Huitema most beautiful athelete
Credit – Jordyn Huitema Instagram


9. Beautiful blue eyes of Jordyn Huitema

Jordyn Huitema most beautifl soccer girl
Credit – Jordyn Huitema Instagram


10. Jordyn Huitema with classmates.

Jordyn Huitema Hot
Credit – Jordyn Huitema Instagram


11. Jordyn Huitema doing a workout on the ground.

Jordyn Huitema hot sports women
Credit – Jordyn Huitema Instagram


12. A click from the match.

Jordyn Huitema hot soccer women
Credit – Jordyn Huitema Instagram



Jordyn Huitema hot soccer player
Credit – Jordyn Huitema Instagram


14. Jordyn Huitema balancing a football on the head.

Jordyn Huitema hot soccer girl
Credit – Jordyn Huitema Instagram

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Jordyn Huitema hot smile
Credit – Jordyn Huitema Instagram


16. Jordyn Huitema posing for a pic.

Jordyn Huitema hot pose
Credit – Jordyn Huitema Instagram


17. Jordyn Huitema looks beautiful in a black dress.

Jordyn Huitema hot legs
Credit – Jordyn Huitema Instagram



Jordyn Huitema hot eyes
Credit – Jordyn Huitema Instagram



Jordyn Huitema hot canadian soccer player
Credit – Jordyn Huitema Instagram


20. Jordyn Huitema looking hot in white bikini.

Jordyn Huitema hot bikini pose
Credit – Jordyn Huitema Instagram

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Jordyn Huitema Hot Athelete
Credit – Jordyn Huitema Instagram



Jordyn Huitema hot 14
Credit – Jordyn Huitema Instagram



Jordyn Huitema hot 13
Credit – Jordyn Huitema Instagram



Jordyn Huitema hot 12
Credit – Jordyn Huitema Instagram



Jordyn Huitema hot 11
Credit – Jordyn Huitema Instagram
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