PeopleKnow Everything About Julia Vins (Muscle Barbie), Famous Russian...

Know Everything About Julia Vins (Muscle Barbie), Famous Russian Female Bodybuilder


Julia Vins popular as Muscle Barbie is a weightlifter from Russia. She started bodybuilding at the age of 15. In her interviews, she mentioned that she started the gym because she wanted to feel more confident with her body.

Gym sessions helped her improve her fitness level as well. It was her coach who noticed her immense power thinking she could make a career in weightlifting.


Julia Vins Early Life

Julia Vins was born in Engels, Russia on May 21, 1996. Her parents separated when she was a little girl. Julia’s father was addicted to alcohol. These were the reasons Julia went through a lot of mental pressure.

In childhood, Julia was a bright student and wanted to go to law school. In her school, she used to get a lot of free time so she started going to the gym.


Julia Vins Got the Name ‘Muscle Barbie’

She is very popular with her nickname ‘Muscle Barbie. Julia got the name because of her massive build and attractive physical appearance.

In her interviews, Julia revealed that people around her were not well-versed in the benefit of fitness. Thus, she used to travel an hour by bus to go to the gym. Also, there was only one girl in the gym. However, it didn’t stop her dedication and she continued to work on her body.


Julia Vins Relationships

Julia is in a long-term relationship with Sergei. Sergei is also an aspiring Russian weightlifter.


Julia Vins Career

Julia has won several medals and accolades for her contribution to weightlifting. She won various awards in Junior Powerlifting and went on to become a two-time World Champion at a World Powerlifting Congress.

Julia’s records include 275kg Squat, 175kg Bench Press, and 205kg deadlift. She follows a strict diet that includes eggs, vegetables, beans, fish, oats rice.


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