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Who Is Nadine Caridi? Know Jordan Belfort’s Ex-Wife Biography, Age, and Net worth


Nadine Caridi is an actress, model, motivational speaker, and author. She also drew media attention for being the ex-wife of the disgraced ‘Wolf’ Jordon Belfort. The name Nadine Caridi came forward after the premiere of ‘The Wolf of Wall Street back in 2013. Actress Margot Robbie played the Naomi Lapaglia who was based on the real-life blonde model Nadine Caridi.

Nadine Caridi wolf of wall street

The movie focuses on the life of Jordon Belfort (former stockbroker and convicted felon). He got detained for his stock market scams. In his 2007 memoir The Wolf of Wall Street, he mentioned that as a Wall Street tycoon, he indulged in drugs and women.

Jordon Belfort married twice and has two children. He divorced his first wife Denise Lombardo in favor of his mistress, Nadine Caridi.

Nadine Caridi is a fascinating woman with a fascinating life story. Here, look at the life of Nadine Caridi, the Ex-wife of Jordon Belfort. After the release of The Wolf of Wall Street, many people have shown curiosity to know the true story of Jordon Belfort’s ex-wife, Nadine Caridi and what is she doing after years of splitting up with Jordon Belfort.


Nadine Caridi’s Early Life, Education & Career

Nadine Caridi

Nadine Caridi was born on November 6, 1962. She was born in London and brought up in Brooklyn, New York. Nadine attended Gravesend’s John Dewey High School and did her graduation and Ph.D. in Somatic Psychotherapy from Pacifica Graduate Institute.
For instance, Nadine Caridi also has a certification in the Neuro Affective Relationship Model (NAR) as a practitioner. In addition to this, she has a master’s degree in clinical psychology from the University of California, Berkeley. She is also a licensed marriage and family therapist.

She pursued modeling and got tremendous success in a very short time. She became the poster girl for the beer brand ‘Miller Lite’ in the 90s. Her charming screen presence as a model helped her get many gigs as an ads model and actress.

Nadine Caridi went on to feature in several national commercial campaigns such as Monday Night Football commercials. The gorgeous British beauty has been part of many successful Hollywood films.


Nadine Caridi Modelling Career

Nadine Caridi had a successful modeling career before she decided to marry Jordon Belfort. She got her big break when she featured in several Miller Lite beer brand commercials back in the 90s. She got quick fame and recognition by being the face of a well-known beverage brand.

However, her affair with stockbroker Jordon Belfort gave her wide recognition. After dating Jordon Belfort for a couple of months, they decided to tie the knot. Eventually, she got the title of “Duchess of Bay Ridge”.


Nadine Caridi And Jordon Belfort’s Relationship

Nadine Caridi ex wife of Jordan Belfort

Nadine Caridi is the second wife of Jordon Belfort. When Nadine and Jordon started dating, the notorious stockbroker was already married to his first wife, Denise Lombardo. Sources revealed that Jordon Belfort met Nadine Caridi in the late 80s. Also, Caridi’s ex-boyfriend Alan Wilzig introduced her to Jordon Belfort.

After months of dating Nadine, Jordon decided to take a step forward in the relationship. He divorced his first wife Denise and married Nadine in 1991. The couple held their nuptial ceremony in the Caribbean.

Nadine decided to quit her prosperous modeling career to spend family time as a wife and later raise her kids. Nadine has two children, Carter James, and Chandler Belfort, from her marriage with Jordon Belfort.



Nadine Caridi’s Life After Divorce

After her divorce from Jordon Belfort, Nadine started working as a registered marital and family therapist and relationship expert in private practice as Dr. Nae. She had a doctorate in Clinical Psychology which help her earn decent money to manage her lifestyle.
Currently, Nadine carries the legal name, Nadine Macaluso. She got married to John Macaluso who is the former CEO of Wizard World. John Macaluso had three children with his previous marriage.

Nadine also operates Dr. Nae’s Talking Bar which is a YouTube Channel dedicated to mental health issues. The YouTube channel presents people who overcome traumatic events and survived difficult times. Her shows on the channel demonstrate how adversity helped people to become the best versions of themselves.


Nadine Caridi’s Net Worth in 2022?

Nadine Caridi

Nadine accumulated wealth includes the revenue she generated through her work as a model and actress along with the money she received from her divorce from Jordon Belfort. She also generates heavy cash flow with her work as a therapist. According to sources, her estimated net worth is about $5 million in 2022.


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