How ToHow To Become A Freelance Writer With No Experience

How To Become A Freelance Writer With No Experience


Suppose you’ve decided to become a freelance writer having no prior experience in the field. Is that even possible? And if so, where do you start? Although filled with talented individuals, the writing niche always craves fresh ideas and concepts. And if you have nothing but burning ambitions to enter the field, you’re more than welcome! But make no mistake, with today’s competition, becoming a sought-after freelance writer is not easy.

It involves way more than the ability to generate stunning content. If you have a personal website or blog, you need to secure high-quality visuals to spark the readers’ attention right away. Fortunately, doing that using these free templates has never been more manageable.

Notwithstanding, here are four fundamental steps you should take to get your first order and start your professional freelance writing career.


Decide what writing is your cup of tea

With the development and proliferation of business areas, writing has been diversified tremendously. Many companies keep several writers who work with entirely different tasks, such as copywriting, guest post writing, press release writing, and many more. These branches require a different approach and skills.

Before stepping into the freelance writing pot, it’s best to decide what type of writing fuels your creativity and boosts your enthusiasm. Of course, you can choose several branches, but make sure your writing prowess is sufficient to distribute equally valuable content.

While plenty of sections exist, and your choice depends on many factors, like personal interests, financial aspect, and prospects, the following are the most common fields you may want to opt for:

  • Content writing
  • Copywriting
  • Technical writing
  • SEO writing

Learn the rudiments of writing

Let’s be honest straight away. It’ll be challenging to secure clients if you have no experience whatsoever. But that’s the thing; it’s nearly impossible to have no writing experience. We produce a good deal of content, from school to work. Whatever you have written in the past gives you basic skills. Besides, being a native English speaker will tip the scales in favor of your freelance profile.

Still, you need to obtain as much knowledge as possible. Try to find and complete writing courses and read various literature (especially that related to the field you want to dive into) and/or exemplary texts (like blogs, manuals, etc.). These will help you learn the ropes of writing and prepare you for the essential step – creating a portfolio.

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Build a portfolio with samples

A portfolio is your chance to show others what you’re capable of. Even if you haven’t written anything that went public, you still need to have a list of exemplary papers. They will cast light on your writing abilities, creativity, tone, and style.

The best way to create a portfolio with samples is to research the niche, locate the most popular topics, and kick off the writing process. You can use Medium to post your pieces, or you may go a traditional way and create examples on Google Docs, including links of documents in your resume, cover letter, or attaching them to your profile.

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Set profiles on platforms

There are a plethora of freelance platforms you can make a profit from, and it sure is a nice idea to have profiles on several networks. For instance, you can set up a profile on ContentFly, Copify, and Upwork at once. Upon doing that, though, make sure to maintain every platform, updating it regularly. If some venue proves better and another lacks orders, you might as well freeze the last and focus more on the former.

Other than the mentioned, it might be reasonable to set a profile on LinkedIn. It’s an excellent platform both for employees (including freelance workers) and employers. Using LinkedIn may connect you with reliable and reputable firms that look for aspiring, though beginning writers.


The Bottom Line

Completing these core steps will allow you to begin the job searching process. However, there is one thing you should remember at any time, particularly at the beginning of your career. Practice is vitally important to master your skills and become in-demand. The start of a freelance writing occupation may be rough, and you might experience rejections as your path begins. Be that as it may, try not to get discouraged; instead, evaluate the gaps your profile and expertise might have and fix those inaccuracies quickly. It will empower you and let you become a high-quality writer in the end.

Soha is a poet, writer, and traveler. She loves to read about entertainment, DIY tips, and Home improvement.


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