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What are Sanpaku Eyes? And What They Mean for Your Future


According to some followers of the Asian face-reading tradition, certain parts of the eye may be connected to a person’s fate. It is believed that the eyes are like windows to the soul, but specific features, such as sanpaku eyes, may offer insight into a person’s future.


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What are Sanpaku eyes?

Sanpaku gan is a Japanese term that describes a particular eye condition where a portion of the white part of the eye (sclera) is visible above or below the colored part of the eye (iris).

Typically, the whites of the eye are only visible on the sides of the iris. This condition is also known as “three whites” about the visible portion of the sclera. In Korea, it is referred to as sambaegan eyes.

The concept of sanpaku eyes was first described by a Japanese macrobiotic theorist George Ohsawa in his book “You Are All Sanpaku” which was published in 1965.

According to tradition from the Far East, the condition of sanpaku eyes has been used for thousands of years as a sign of overall imbalance in a person’s physical, physiological and spiritual well-being.

It was believed that the presence of this condition indicated that an individual had committed sins against the natural order and as a result, was prone to illness, unhappiness, and even insanity. The condition of sanpaku is considered a warning from nature, signaling that the individual’s life is at risk of an early and tragic end.

In his book, George Ohsawa, a Japanese macrobiotic theorist, suggested that this condition can be solved by adhering to a macrobiotic diet. He believed that this diet can help restore balance and harmony to a person’s life.


What do Sanpaku eyes mean?

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According to Ohsawa, the presence of white visible above or below the iris of the eye is an indication of an imbalance in the body. This condition is known as sanpaku eyes in the Asian face-reading tradition.

It is believed that this feature of the eyes may offer some insight into a person’s future or fate, although the significance of whether white is visible above or below the iris may vary depending on the interpretation.


Yin Sanpaku Eyes

Yin Yang Sanpaku Eyes meaning feature

In the Asian face reading tradition, eyes that have white visible below the iris are referred to as “yin sanpaku eyes.” It is believed by some that this feature is common among individuals who struggle with addiction, such as alcoholism or drug addiction.

According to these beliefs, people with yin sanpaku eyes may tend to put themselves in dangerous situations and may not have the resilience to overcome these situations.


Yang Sanpaku Eyes

In Asian face reading tradition, eyes that have white visible above the iris are referred to as “yang sanpaku eyes.” According to this belief system, individuals with this feature may face internal dangers, such as being prone to violence, harboring feelings of rage, or even having psychopathic tendencies.


Sanpaku Eyes vs. “Normal” Eyes

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It is important to note that having sanpaku eyes is a normal variation of the human eye. Some people may be interested in the differences between sanpaku eyes and “normal” eyes, but in reality, the only difference is in their appearance.

Sanpaku eyes can be caused by certain medical conditions, but in most cases, it is just a visual characteristic.


How rare are Sanpaku eyes?

It is not clear how frequently sanpaku eyes occur, but it does not appear to be a rare occurrence. There are many famous people known to have sanpaku eyes, including Princess Diana and Billie Eilish.

One example is Princess Diana, who was frequently photographed with the lower whites of her eyes visible, and her life story aligns with the supposed fate of those with yin sanpaku eyes.

Additionally, President John F. Kennedy is another example who had yin sanpaku eyes, and George Ohsawa, the macrobiotic theorist, claims to have predicted his assassination in 1963.

It is true that Kennedy was often in danger and had a distinguished military career, being a hero in World War II and saving members of his Navy unit after his ship was attacked by a Japanese destroyer.


Could there be other causes for Sanpaku eyes?

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It is essential to understand that the appearance of a person’s eyes can vary depending on various factors such as moment, lighting, or angle of the picture, and sanpaku eyes are no exception to this. Eye shape can change over time due to various reasons and it should not be taken as definitive.


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