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Who is Amber Ruffin’s husband? Know Everything About Jan Schiltmeijer


Amber Ruffin is a well-known figure in the American comedy scene, particularly for her groundbreaking achievement of becoming the first black woman to write for a late-night show in the United States in 2014 when she joined the writing team at NBC.

Her impressive performance and accomplishments as a black woman comedian and writer have gained her a large following, and many fans are curious about her life outside the limelight.

Specifically about her decade-long marriage to her husband, Jan Schiltmeijer. Jan is known for being a constant support and private person in her career. So, as you enjoy her comedic talents on stage, it is worth learning about the man behind the scenes who has been by her side for so many years.

Amber Ruffin has been happily married to Jan Schiltmeijer since 2010. The couple met while Ruffin was working with Boom Chicago in Amsterdam, and after two years of dating, they tied the knot.

Jan is a full-time painter and has been devoted to his craft since 2004. He has supported Amber throughout her successful career, and the couple has enjoyed a fulfilling life together.


The Love Story of Amber Ruffin and her husband Jan Schiltmeijer

Amber Ruffin husband Jan Schiltmeijer

Amber Ruffin is happily married to Jan Schiltmeijer, whom she met in Amsterdam in 2008 while traveling to New York. The couple’s friendship quickly blossomed into a romance, leading to their marriage in 2010. The following year, they moved to the United States as an interracial couple.

While Amber Ruffin has been open about her choice not to have children, she has also addressed the societal misconceptions that come with that decision.

During her appearance on Michelle Wolf’s show The Break, she shared her thoughts on the topic and the kind of negative judgment some people have about it.

Throughout their marriage, Amber and Jan have been supportive of each other, both professionally and personally. Jan has been a constant source of support in her career, and they have also faced their share of life’s challenges.

One instance was when an employee followed them into a store because Jan’s wife was Black, which saddened him. Nonetheless, the couple has been able to navigate these challenges and maintain a strong bond.


Profile Summary of Jan Schiltmeijer

Amber Ruffin husband Jan Schiltmeijer 1

Jan Schiltmeijer is a Dutch-American born and raised in Haarlem, Holland. He now lives in New York with his wife, Amber Ruffin.

Jan is a practicing Christian, stands 6 feet tall, and weighs 196.2 pounds. He is a private person and does not have a lot of online presence except for his Instagram account @janschiltmeijer.


Jan Schiltmeijer’s Artistic Career

Amber Ruffin husband Jan Schiltmeijer 2

Jan Schiltmeijer began his career as a painter in 2004 before meeting his wife, Amber Ruffin. He has gained recognition in the New York City art scene through hard work and dedication. Before moving to the United States, he had already built a client base without a website.

But later on, he created one to showcase his work, including paintings of celebrities such as Samuel L. Jackson, Nina Simone, and Walter White. Jan’s passion for art is evident in the rich colors and vivid imagery of his works, which he creates using high-quality paints, equipment, and canvases.

He also creates paintings of his favorite actors, musicians, and family members, which has helped establish his name as a painter and earned him a substantial fortune. In 2020, Jan Schiltmeijer had an estimated net worth of around $150,000.


Jan Schiltmeijer’s Family

Jan Schiltmeijer and his wife Amber Ruffin have been married for over a decade, but they do not have any children yet.

While some fans believe that the couple’s childlessness is based on Amber Ruffin’s decision not to have children, others are hopeful that they will eventually expand their family.
Despite this, the couple has supported each other professionally and through life challenges, showing their unbreakable bond.


Jan Schiltmeijer’s Social Media Presence

Jan Schiltmeijer, like many individuals, has chosen only to maintain an active presence on one of the most popular social media platforms, Instagram. He doesn’t have a presence on Facebook and Twitter.

His Instagram account has 757 followers. However, it’s worth noting that his wife, Amber Ruffin has a much larger following on her verified Instagram account, with 320k followers.
In conclusion, Jan Schiltmeijer is a private individual known for being the husband of comedian and writer Amber Ruffin. The couple met in Amsterdam in 2008 and got married in 2010. They don’t have children, and the reason for that is Amber Ruffin’s decision to be child-free.


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