Business & FinanceEverything About Tasha McCauley Wife of Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Everything About Tasha McCauley Wife of Joseph Gordon-Levitt


Back in 2013, Gordon-Levitt hinted in one of his interviews that he is friends with McCauley. The actor confirmed having a girlfriend who is shy and he is not allowed to take her name in public. He even confirmed that she is not from show business. A year later, he married the Robotics CEO.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the filmmaker, and actor famous for stunning filmography that includes ‘Inception,’ ‘Looper,’ and ‘50/50’ got married to Tasha McCauley in 2014. Tasha is the CEO of GeoSim, a tech company. Even though she is not part of the film industry, she chose one of the promising actors of the industry for her better half.



Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Career


Joseph is a famous Hollywood actor who worked in some of the most critically praised movies as well. For instance, he has been nominated for two Golden Globes, three People’s Choice Awards, five MTV Movie Awards, two Emmy Awards, and so on.

He wrote, directed, and performed in the movie Don Jon. His work as a director was also taken well by fans and critics. The actor is tight-lipped about his love life to the media. However, he has shared a romantic relationship with 36-years-old Tasha McCauley. Tasha prefers to stay away from the limelight and Joseph respect this decision.

In one of his interviews in 2013, the actor confirmed that he is committed. However, he didn’t share details stating that she doesn’t want to become eye-candy like other celebrities.


Tasha McCauley And Joseph’s Wedding

Tasha McCauley & Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Tasha got married to Joseph Gordon-Levitt on December 20, 2014. They held a private ceremony with relatives and close friends at their home. The nuptial ceremony details are not of public knowledge.


Tasha McCauley’s Education

Tasha McCauley hot

You can check Tasha McCauley’s LinkedIn profile. She is a successful scientist and a highly experienced professional. She graduated from Bard College in New York. In addition to this, she also holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration at the University of Southern California.

One of Tasha’s first jobs include teaching at Singularity University, then she worked as a director of Autodesk Innovation Lab. In 2011, Tasha McCauley co-founded the tech company Fellow Robotics.

The company Fellow Robotics works to revolutionize supply chain and inventory management by bringing the power of computer vision, AI, robotics, and IoT. Now, Tasha is the CEO of GeoSim Systems and also the board of directors.


Tasha’s Career


Talking about GeoSim is a geospatial tech company that aims to create virtual cities. These technologies are often used in tourism, estate, transportation infrastructure, city planning, video games, etc.

Tasha McCauley is not at all involved in the show business. For instance, her Instagram account is also set to private. She is a celebrity in her own right, as she is recognized as a scientist because of her outstanding academic performances, and qualifications.

Little you know that Tasha McCauley has taken a zero-gravity flight with one of the most sought scientists of our era Stephen Hawking. In March 2018, Tasha shared a ‘little piece’ via her Facebook account writing about her experience at the event. She also shared some of the photos with a late physicist and cosmologist.

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt And Tasha McCauley’s Children

Tasha McCauley & Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Tasha McCauley and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are happily married and living with their two sons. The couple has tried their best to keep their kids away from the spotlight. They have never released the name of the kids.

The kids of ‘Looper’ star have been discussed many times during interview sessions and the actor often walks out on the question. He stated in one of his interviews that being in the public eye is a decision that their kids should do on their own.

The actor wanted his kids to come up with the decision on themselves whether they would lead such a life or not. If they are more like their mother, then it would not be fair to them.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tasha McCauley both are focused on their careers and at the same time, they are raising their kids. On the work front, Joseph would voice Jiminy Cricket in the live-action film adaptation of Pinocchio. Also, he will portray the character of Travis Kalanick, former CEO of Uber in Showtime’s anthology series Super Pumped.

The scientist is busy being the CEO of GeoSim Systems. It is pretty clear about the couple that they are full of love. They are one of the power couples of the industry.


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