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The Netflix film Cobra Kai and rom-com flick He’s All That makes Tanner Buchanan a sensation rising star in the industry. In the movie ‘He’s All That’, Tanner featured alongside Addison Rae playing scruffy antisocial teen Cameron Kweller.

Fans of ‘He’s All That’ are suspicious about the on-screen chemistry of Tanner and Addison. It was rumored that they are dating in real life too especially after their kiss at the MTV Movie & TV Awards. However, the air was cleared when Addison linked up rumors with musician Omer Fedi hit the internet.

People also got to know it was Lizze Broadway who Tanner has been dating for a few years now. Take a look at the love story of Lizze Broadway and Tanner Buchanan.


Who is Lizze Broadway?

lizze broadway

Lizze Broadway is 23 years old American actress. She was born on February 16, 1998. She is 10 months older than her boyfriend Tanner Buchanan. Lizze grew up in Toledo, Ohio before moving to LA to pursue a career in screen acting.

Since Tanner is also from Ohio, Lizze and Tanner know each other since they were kids. This way, they are having good hometown to Hollywood sort of romance.

In an interview, Tanner confessed dating Lizze when they were kids. He even stated that they broke up for a bit too during their teen years for which Tanner blamed himself. People often wonder if Broadway is her real name or made-up stage name. As per Lizze’s IMDb profile, her birth name is Elizabeth Broadway.


Lizze Broadway Works As An Actress

Lizze Broadway actress

Lizze Broadway and Tanner both are passionate about acting. Lizze had a very successful International modeling career as well. She succeeded in the Talent competition and was featured in many commercials and TV shows.

Lizze worked with Jerry Seinfeld, Meg Ryan, Betty White, and Michael Jackson Enterprises as well. Recently, she was approached to be part of a new spin-off of Amazon’s superhero series ‘The Boys.’

Lizze Broadway’s filmography includes roles in the movies and shows like The Rookie, Splitting Up Together, Here and Now, Bones, and many others. She will play the superhero Emma in ‘The Boys’ spinoff series.

In addition to this, Lizze was part of American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rule opposite Madison Pettis and Darren Barnet. The actors are full of love and they are very vocal about it in the public. They gave their full history with each other in the interview.

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Tanner and Lizze Briefly Broke Up In 2015


It is unclear to find when exactly they met and got together. In an interview, Lizze stated that they were dating for six years when she turned seventeen. It was the time when they separated briefly. Buchanan revealed that they decided to split in 2015 as he was not being a good boyfriend to Lizze at all.

Tanner confessed it was his fault as he wasn’t nice enough to Lizze at that time. Later, he was devastated by the fact of being alone without Lizze and turned to movies. He watched ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ on repeat and finally decided to ask Lizze out again.

Lizze also agreed with Tanner’s statement. She pointed that Tanner gave her an ultimatum as he was missing her a lot and too afraid to lose her. They decided to give their relationship a second chance and they are together ever since.


They Attended Comic-Con Together In 2019

In July 2019, Lizze and Tanner attended Comic-Con together and they even end up creating a BTS video about their experience at Comic-Con. Surprisingly, the couple also owns a joint YouTube channel named ‘Lizze & Tanner.’


They Sparked Breakup Rumors Again In 2020


In late 2020, fans were suspicious about their relationship status as they deleted some of their pics from their Instagram account. It sparked breakup rumors. It went bad when Lizze and Tanner both remain tight-lipped about those rumors for months.


They Confirmed Being Together In 2021

Lizze-Broadway-with Tanner-Buchanans

Fans got to know that Broadway and Buchanan are still together when Papprazi got the photos of two sharing a smooch on a balcony in Venice. Later, Tanner called Broadway his girlfriend in an interview. It was a big relief for fans after the episode of deleted IG pics and the kiss shared between Tanner and Rae in MTV Movies & TV Awards.

Tanner clearly responded when a fan asked him if he had a girlfriend. He confessed to being with Elizabeth Broadway. He also added that she’s absolutely wonderful.


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