EntertainmentEverything About Diandra Luker, Ex-Wife of Michael Douglas

Everything About Diandra Luker, Ex-Wife of Michael Douglas


Diandra Luker is a popular film producer. She shot to fame with the controversy after her divorce from Michael Douglas.

Diandra Luker was born in 1956. Her father was an Australian diplomat and worked as an ambassador. She spent her early childhood on an island in Majorca. Diandra Luker attended boarding school and she used to study in Switzerland.


Diandra Luker’s Personal Life

Michael Douglas’s Ex-Wife Diandra Luker
Credit: Disney

Luker dated Michael Douglas when she was only 19 years old. At that time, Douglas was 32 years old making the huge age difference of 13 years. The couple dated each other for two years before getting married in March 1977. Luker also has a son with her ex-husband named Cameron.

After a decade of their marriage, Michael found a new love interest in his co-star Catherine Zeta-Jones. The separation happened on a bitter note and Diandra asked for a hefty $45 million as the divorce settlement.

Diandra Luker was called greedy for asking such an amount for the divorce settlement. She made the statement that she took only what she owed.

After separating from Michael Douglas, she dated Zach Hampton Bacon III. In 2004, she adopted motherhood via surrogacy. She adopted her fourth child Imira from Kazakhstan.


Diandra Luker’s Career


Diandra produced the American Master series, and also signed to Ford Models. The series aired in 1991 and got a good response. In addition to this, she also produced the PBS documentary ‘Beatrice Woods: Mama of Dada’ and the TV miniseries ‘America Music: The Roots of Country’. She was also the executive producer of 2008’s film Broken Lines.
Diandra was also involved in charity work with Red Cross due to which she was appointed as the Board for the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Where does Diandra Douglas live now?

Diandra Douglas at home in Mallorca – Living in Mallorca.


Diandra Luker’s Net Worth

As of 2022, Diandra Luker’s net worth is around $50 million.


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