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Where to Get Clothes You Can Design Yourself


When you design your clothes yourself, they are personalized to your personality and interests. Sometimes you cannot find what you are envisioning in the stores. Maybe you want a cute design of your cat on a t-shirt or a pair of socks with your favorite cartoon character on them, and you most likely will not be able to find that just anywhere.

With so few options for personalization in a store, sometimes it is better to design the clothing you want yourself. But where do you get clothes that you can customize yourself?

We have a few places you can hit when looking for the perfect clothing to make your designs.


Online Customization Store

There are excellent resources online that can help you put your personalized designs onto things like hoodies, jackets, t-shirts, socks, and much more. You can view this site to explore your options. These online customization stores are usually pretty easy to navigate too. First, you will need to sign up for an account. Then, pick the item you want to customize, and then the best part comes, which is designing. The site will give you options to add lettering, a picture (even personalized pictures), and even embroidery. And the possibilities are endless. Plus, it is convenient to ensure you get the design you want to be shipped right to your door.


The Dollar Store

Although you will need to buy all the materials to design your own clothing, the dollar store is an inexpensive and easy way to find plain clothing that you can use with whatever designs you wish. To make the process quick and straightforward, you will want to buy a heat press, and they can range anywhere from $70 to over $200. And, you may want to watch a few videos online on how to add the designs to your clothing. But, when at the dollar store, you can find a few plain t-shirts or socks and get to creating! It is a great way to find what you need and not break the bank, especially if you are designing multiple pieces of clothing.


Second-Hand Stores

Second-hand stores like Goodwill or the Salvation Army are great places to find plain clothing like hoodies, jean jackets, t-shirts, even shoes that you can personalize. Plus, you will not have to spend a lot of money at these types of stores too. Be sure to make sure the clothing you are buying is quality clothing, like cotton, and know that if the clothing is 100% cotton, it may shrink, so you will want to go a size up from what you regularly wear. When you buy from second-hand stores, you can get two to three times the amount of clothing than you would from a high-end store, where you could be paying anywhere from $50 to $200 for a shirt.

Once you design the perfect clothing, you will not want to stop!

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