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10 Ideas About How To Open A Beer Bottle Without A Bottle Opener


It is not atypical for people to find themselves in situations where they need to uncap a beer bottle but fail to find a bottle opener nearby. Numerous commonplace things can be used to uncap beer bottles. Below is an interesting list of 10 methods that can be used to uncap a beer bottle.


1. Scissors

how to open a bottle from Scissors

If you want to open a beer bottle but can’t find your bottle opener, don’t worry about it. One of the easiest and effective methods of opening caps of bottles without an opener involves using scissors. Put either blade of scissors below the bottle cap and push upwards, repeat the process around the cap and the cap will open in no time. Be sure to use strong scissors.


2. A Spoon

how to open a bottle from A Spoon,427

You can also use a usual kitchen spoon to remove the cap of the beer bottle. In this method, the spoon acts as a pry bar. Put the face-up spoon underneath the bottle cap and exert an upward force on the cap. One big merit of using this method for opening beer bottle caps instead of using scissors is the fact that a spoon is easier to find in a house.


3. A Cigarette Lighter

how to open beer bottle from lighter

A cigarette lighter can easily be used as an opener for uncapping beer bottles. Grab the beer bottle with one hand and put the base of the lighter beneath the bottle cap, using your other hand. Make sure to grab the bottleneck from just below the cap. Your thumb, when placed in this way, will act as a fulcrum of a lever system. When you push down on one side of the lighter, the other side of the lighter, the side placed beneath the cap, will exert sufficient upward force on the cap.


4. A Belt Buckle

open beer bottle from Belt Buckle

Do you know belt buckles can be a perfect substitute for bottle openers? In fact, there is a long and fun tradition of opening beer bottles by using belt buckles, instead of using usual bottle openers. Even belts with real bottle openers are now available on market.

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5. A Dollar Bill

how to open beer bottle from Dollar Bill

Imagine how great it will be if you manage to uncap a beer bottle by just using a Dollar note. Achieving this feat is not as difficult as it might seem at the first instant. To use a Dollar for uncapping beer bottles, fold it in half, roll it up and fold it in half again. Now the Dollar is ready to be used as a pry bar to remove the beer bottle cap.


6. A Table Edge or A Counter Edge

how to open beer bottle from table edge

A table edge or a counter edge can be a good substitute for a bottle cap opener. Next time when you want to uncap a beer bottle but can’t seem to find a bottle opener, use this trick. Align the beer bottle with a table or counter edge in a way that the edge is placed beneath the bottle cap. The next step is to slam down on the edge of the bottle cap with your other hand. You may need to try this method twice or, thrice, before succeeding with it.


7. Another Capped Beer Bottle


open beer bottle with-another-bottle
open bottle cap with-another-bottle

In the absence of a bottle opener, you can also use another capped beer bottle to uncap a capped beer bottle. To use this method, hold a capped bear upside down and align it with the capped beer bottle you want to open. While holding an upside-down capped bottle use its cap to uncap the beer bottle you want. Don’t worry about the possibility of uncapping the upside-down bottle because it will never happen, it’s a physical law that never breaks.

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8. A Door

open bottle cap with Door

To open the cap of the beer bottle using a door, put the top of the bottle inside the strike plate of the door lodge. Hold the cap alongside the edge of the opening. Afterward, you just have to pull and the beer bottle cap will open.


9. A Ring

how to open bottle cap with ring

You can use your marriage ring or, any other ring to open a beer bottle cap. Put your ring finger over the bottle cap in a way that will enable your ring to be placed beneath the bottle cap. The next step involves gently lifting your ring finger upwards and trusting the bottle cap upwards.


10. A Rubber Band

To use rubber bands for removing beer bottle caps, just wrap the crown of the beer bottle cap with a rubber band and twist until the cap comes off. It may take some practice before getting used to this method.


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