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Know Everything About Jennifer Garner, Marriage, Dating History, Boyfriends & Husband


Jennifer Garner was linked with many Hollywood celebrities. The actress has had some long-lasting relationships during her active years in Hollywood. Garner has dated Scott Foley, Ben Affleck, and many others. After years of dating, the actress stated that she struggled to find love while being in the spotlight.

Jennifer Garner’s first celebrity relationship started in 1998 when she met Scott Foley. She was a guest-starring on Felicity. The pair dated for months and decided to get married. The couple finally married in 2000 but their short-lived romance ended in March 2003. Later, the actress spoke about her failed marriage with Scott Foley in an interview. She said that they hadn’t had any chemistry. Even though Scott is a good guy, their marriage imploded.
After ending things with Scott Foley, Jennifer Garner found a romantic relationship with Ben Affleck. The pair announced their relationship to the media in October 2004. In June 2005, the couple got married to start a happy married life.

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck welcomed three children, Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel in their life. However, after living 10 years together, the couple announced their split in June 2015. Their split happened a day after their 10th Anniversary.

Garner filed for divorce in April 2017 after working hard to get to a good place for almost two years. The divorce was granted in October 2018. Just after her divorce from Ben Affleck, many tabloids reported that Garner had a mystery man in her life. According to sources, she had been dating John Miller.


Here, a look at Jennifer Garner’s marriage, and her dating history is known to the public.

1. Jennifer Garner’s Ex. Husband Scott Foley

Jennifer-Garners husband-Scott-Foley

Scott Foley met Jennifer Garner on the set of Felicity. While Garner made a guest appearance on the show in 1998, Scott Foley starred as Noel Crane from 1998 to 2002 in the show. After dating for years, the couple married in October 2000.

They lived together as a married couple for more than two years. However, they separated in March 2003. Their divorce was granted in March 2004. The actress mentioned that her ex-husband was a good person but it wasn’t enough to save their marriage.


2. Michael Vartan

Jennifer-Garner-boyfriend Michael-Vartan

Michael Vartan and Jennifer Garner played the lead couple in the American Thriller series Alias from 2001 to 2006. They portrayed the character of Michael Vaughn and Sydney Bristow in the show. The actress confirmed in one of her interviews that their onscreen chemistry turned romantic in real life too.

The couple parted their ways in 2004. Michael Vartan spoke about his relationship with Garner in an interview stating that they were best friends first, during their romance, and even after that. It is also rumored that the couple trying to reconcile in March 2018.
However, Michael came forward to clear the cutter. He stated that their relationship didn’t work the first time, and there’s a reason it didn’t work for them. It seems like the couple has no hard feelings for each other.


3. Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner Boyfriend Ben Affleck

Garner and Ben Affleck’s dating rumors sparked when they worked together in the movies Pearl Harbor and Daredevil. In October 2004, they made their relationship official. Ben Affleck proposed to his lady love in April 2005, and the couple decided to get married in June 2005.

The pair welcomed three kids, daughter Violet, daughter Seraphina, and son Samuel in December 2005, January 2009, and February 2012 respectively. They announced their split in June 2015. The actress mentioned in her interviews that Ben is the love of her life and he is the most brilliant person in any room. She added that Ben is the most generous and charismatic person but he is also very complicated.

After they split in 2015, they said in a joint statement that they would go forward with love and friendship for one another and co-parent their children.

Jennifer and Ben remained close even after their breakup. Ben Affleck completed multiple stints in rehab for alcohol abuse. Jennifer filed for divorce in April 2017. However, her divorce from Ben Affleck was granted in November 2018.


4. John Miller

jennifer-garner-boyfriend John Miller

In October 2018, many tabloids confirmed that Jennifer Garner was dating the businessman John Miller after her divorce from Ben Affleck. Sources revealed that the relationship between Jen and John was lovely and healthy.

They look like the real deal so much so that it was rumored that they might get engaged by summer 2019. However, the couple decided to go their separate ways. In August 2020, the pair announced the split. Later, it was rumored that they reconcile their romance in May 2021.


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