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23 Best Zakir Khan Shayaris Shows Another Side of ‘Sakht Launda’


Yes, Zakir Khan wrote Shayaris too. Zakir Khan is the winner of Comedy Central’s ‘India’s Best Stand Up Comedian, Sitar player, Proud Indoreian, and, well, Sakht Luanda. Zakir Khan is a known Indian stand-up comedian, writer, poet, and presenter. He is one of those modest young Indians who resolved to achieve a difficult dream and did not stop before he became a known and appreciated face among the masses.

Zakir Khan was born on the 20th of August, 1987 in Indore, Madhya Pradesh where his grandfather moved to from Rajasthan. Khan’s zodiac sign is Leo, and he is currently 32 years old. He also loves playing Sitar. He likes singing and composing songs. Not only this Zakir Khan is also a brilliant Shayar. Yes, you read it right, apart from his ‘Sakht Launda’ image he is also a ‘Shayar’ and wrote many couplets which show the other side of comedian Zakir Khan.

Here we bring some of the beautiful Poems / Shayaris of Zakir Khan:-

1. Bahut Masoom…

zakir khan's shayari

2. Kuch Khaas…

zakir khan's poems

3. Mere Kuch Sawal…

zakir khan's poetry

4. Koi Haq Se Haath Pakadkar…

Zakir khan's Shayaris

5. Bewajeh…

Zakir khan's couplets

6. Mana Ki Tumko….

Zakir khan's Poetic verse

7. Khwaaish…

Zakir Khan's Shayaris

8. Ishq Ko Masoom rehne do…

Zakir Khan's Shayaris

9. Scooty Ka Number…

Zakir Khan's Shayaris

10. Zindagi Ko Paak Kar Gayi…

Zakir Khan's Unseen Shayaris

11. Ab Woh Aaag Nahi Rahi…

Zakir Khan's Unknown Shayaris

12. Ek Arsey…

Zakir Khan's poetry

13. Meri Auqaat…

Zakir Khan's Shayaris

14. Yaad Nhi Aaya…

Zakir Khan's Shayari


Bahut hua Ruhani Ishq ab ke milna hai tumse..

Aur phone pe toh bilkul baat nahi karni hai, Par tumhara kaano pe baal haatana hai aur choti si baali pehna na hai tumko..

Bichiya, payal, bindi sab kuch apne haathon se pehnana hai, Ab khushbu mehsoos nai karni hai tumhari, bas palko ko band hote huye aur khulte huye dekhna hai.

Kuch kaam batana hai tumko, phir tumhara uthkar jaane par kalaai se pakadkar baitha dena hai tumko,

Bahut hua Ruhani Ishq ab ke milna hai tumse..

16. Mein chah kar bhi, tum jaisa nahi ban paya. Dekho na…Tum toh aage badh gaye, par mein kahaan badh paaya.

17. Zindagi se kuch zyaada nahi, bas itni si farmaaish hai. 
Ab tasveer se nahi tafseel se milne ki khwaaish hai.

18. Main Waqt aur tum Qayamat. Dekhna, jab hum milenge toh iss Kainaat mein sab kuch Ruk jayega

19. Ek arsey se hoon thamey, Kashti ko bhanwar mein. Toofaan se bhi jayada Sahil se siharta hoon

20. Apne aap ke bhi peeche Khada hoon mein, 
Zindagi kitna dheere chala hoon mein.

21. Kya apni chhoti Ungli se uska bhi Haath thaam liya karti ho tum, 
Kya waise hai jaise Mera thhama karti thi?

22. Kamyaabi tere liye humne khud ko kuch yun taiyyar kar liya, Maine hr jazbaat baazar mein rakh kr ishtehaar kar liya

23. Bus ka intazar karte hue, 
metro mein khade khade, 
Chalte rikshaw mein baithe hue, 
Gehre shunya mein kya dekhte rehte ho?
Gum chehra liye yeh kya sochte rehte ho?
Kya khoya kya paaya ka, 

Hisab nahi laga paaye na iss baar bhi. 
Ghar nahi ja paaye na iss baar bhi.

Zaakir Khan popular shayaries

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  1. I am a fan of Zakir Khan comedy but now reading these Shayaris, I became a fan of his poetry too. I would love to hear more of his ‘Shayaris’ in his videos too.

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