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The Blackjack Variations That People Must Try


Blackjack is a game with origins that are somewhat shrouded in mystery. The general feeling is that its country of birth was France though and the likely date for that was the start of the 18th century.

In its earliest days it was known as ‘Vingt-et-Un’, a name that can be translated as ‘Twenty One’. That speaks to the essential point of blackjack; which is to get a hand of cards as close to that number as possible without exceeding it.

Like so many other casino games, blackjack is often played on the internet now. The blackjack games offered at online casinos include many of the different variations.

And there are several versions expanding on the basic formula. It is those that we will be going into in detail with this article.

American Blackjack

This is one of the two most dominant versions of the game. 

  • Key points

The main thing that marks American blackjack out as different is when the ‘hole’ card is taken by the dealer. The hole card is one that the dealer draws from the pack and keeps face down, so the gamer cannot see its value. This hole card is drawn prior to the gamer making any decisions – e.g. splitting, doubling down etc. – about their hand of cards.

  • Where to play it

American blackjack is widely available at online casinos and land-based ones in the US.

European Blackjack

European blackjack is the other very well-known version of this game.

  • Key points

The single biggest rule variance in this version is that the player is able to decide what they wish to do with their initial hand of cards before the dealer draws the hole card. That is one reason why many players prefer it to the American version.

It also involves fewer card decks – typically just two. Overall, it has a lower house edge than the American version, so choosing it makes sense for a gamer.

  • Where to play it

European blackjack is not always provided by land-based casinos in the US, but most online casinos have it among the blackjack games.

Blackjack Switch

This variation emerged at the start of the new century and has quickly become a favorite.

  • Key points

There is a major rule change in blackjack switch: you are dealt two hands of cards and they are played separately. You can also take the second card you are given for each hand and switch it from one to the other. That gives players more options for improving their hands and their winning odds, so it is not hard to see why it has taken off.

  • Where to play it

Land-based casinos have been slow to add blackjack switch to their games selections. That is possibly because it improves the chances of the player at their expense. 

It has been much more widely adopted by casinos on the internet though, so opting for online will be the best way if you want to play this version of blackjack. The fact that they are prepared to embrace innovative new approaches to classic games is a major reason why online casinos keep growing in popularity.

Blackjack Multi-Hand

This is a version of the game that was originated by casino sites on the internet and that gained an enthusiastic customer base.

  • Key points

The rules of blackjack multi-hand are no different to those of the standard game; you and the dealer are both trying to get as close to 21 as possible. The twist lies in the fact that you play numerous blackjack hands at the same time, which produces a much more complex and intense experience for the gamer.

It was inspired by the popularity of multi-hand play in online video poker.

  • Where to play it

This is very much an online casino game, but more of those sites are providing it all the time. Bear in mind that it takes a complicated card game and makes it even more challenging though, so this is a version for experienced blackjack players.

Vegas Strip Blackjack

The last of the main blackjack types is this one, which was invented in Las Vegas.

  • Key points

Its rules are almost identical those of American blackjack, except that dealers only peek on ace cards in the Vegas Strip version, instead of on ace cards, face cards and 10s.

  • Where to play it

You can find this blackjack variant at all of the luxury casino complexes on the famous Strip. Beyond there, it is not all that common, perhaps because it is so similar to American blackjack.

Now you know what the five essential versions of blackjack are. Which one you choose to play is a decision only you can make.

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