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10 Most Expensive Food Around The World


You have heard of most expensive cars, dresses, hotel suits now its time to know about most expensive food around the world. Food is that basic requirement of life that we all work hard for. Every living thing consumes to obtain energy and that energy is utilized in our daily life routines. Everyone has a favourite cuisine which we all crave for. There are certain food items around the world which may be ahead of one’s knowledge and are horribly overpriced and the supremely high-profiled people order these foods. But still, there is no boundary for food lovers, who love to taste a different cuisine every time they visit a new place.

Here we will discuss some of the most expensive food items across the world:-

1. Wagyu Beef

Wagyu is a Japanese breed of beef cattle. It has a rich flavour due to greasy marbling in the meat. And, surely a piece of it will melt into your mouth. Breeds used for its production are Japanese Brown, Japanese Polled, Japanese Shorthorn and Japanese Black. It is expensive due to its rearing method for which cattle has to be fed according to some critical measures. Its price is around $250 per pound. 

2. Westin Hotel Bagel

It is the world’s most costly type of bread. It is coated with white truffle milk cheese, goji berry-infused and adorned with gold foils and riesling jam and Italian truffle. It is very costly and the price is around $1000.

3. Nino’s Bellissima Pizza

It is the world’s most expensive pizza. It is a 12-inch luxurious pizza which is coated with creme fraiche, salmon roe, caviar, chives and lobster tail. It costs $125 a slice. There are people around the world who can easily afford it and have tried once. Its price is $1000.

4. Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata

It consists of lobster and mostly sevruga caviar. As it is made with 10 unciae of expensive sefruga caviar, six eggs and cream, whole lobster and chives which are together kept on a base of fried potatoes. Its price is $1000. Its smaller variant costs $100. It is also called as the world’s costliest omelette.  

5. The Golden Opulence Sundae

It is referred to as the most costly sundae around the world and due to this it is also listed in Guinness World Records. It is served at the special order. It is sold one every month. It is made with Tahitian Vanilla bean ice-cream which is covered with delicious gold leaf. It is made attractive with Grand Passion Caviar and Parisian candies. It also recorded as one of the world’s most valuable desserts and featured in Forbes’list. Its price is $1000.

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6. The Golden Phoenix Cupcake

It is prepared with excellent Ugandan vanilla seeds and high-quality Amadei Porcelana chocolate, eatable gold sheets, gold dust and strawberries. It also consists of the ingredients such as the chocolate, the butter and the flour. For this little chocolate pastry, people spend in a thousand dollars. It is easy for rich people to acquire. It is the most luxurious cupcake around the world. Its price is around $1000

7. Berco’s Billion dollar popcorn

You will be amazed to know its price. It is worldwide known for its unique flavours.  Holding a pot of this worldwide recognised snack you can enjoy a movie with your family and friends. Named Berco’s Billion dollar Popcorn, the popular movie-time snack has finally had a major overhaul. Now it is fit for Royal consumption. It uses natural sugar and garnished with culinary gold flakes. Its price is $250 per gallon

8. European white Truffles

It is a strong-smelling undercover mushroom that looks like an unusual, shaped piece of potato. These particular white truffles are observed at the bottom of Oak trees in the areas of Italy and France. These are captured by truffle hunters who are particularly known for training dogs. Its price is around $3600

9. Almas Caviar

Costliest Almas Caviar
The Almas Caviar via

It is the most precious caviar worldwide. It is prepared from the cells of an albino sturgeon which is around 100 years old. They swim in the low pollution area in the southern Caspian Sea. The eggs are turned gently nearby the mouth and leapt to deliver the essence. It is a remarkably unique menu item from Iran. It has a light gold in colouring and purchased in a tin formed of 24-carat gold. Its price is around $3400

10. Lindeth Howe pudding

It is prepared from caviar, gold, Belgian chocolate and two-carat diamond. It is known to be the world’s most rich chocolate pudding. It is different from ordinary pudding. Apart from having the best ingredients, it is also the world’s best quality dessert. It is served in an eatable imitation of a Faberge egg. Its price is around $34,531

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