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Amanda Seyfried Facts: 19 things you might not know about Amanda Seyfried


Amanda Seyfried has a wonderful journey in Hollywood from a child model to become A-list celebrity in Hollywood. She is an American actress, model, and known singer who had gained worldwide popularity in such a short time. We bring you 19 facts that you might not know about Amanda Seyfried.

1. She’s from Pennsylvania

Amanda Seyfried was born December 3, 1985, in Allentown, PA, and raised by her parents Ann (Sander) an occupational therapist, and Jack Seyfried, a pharmacist. She is of German, English Scottish ancestry.

2. What’s her middle name?

Amanda’s middle name is Michelle. Her full name is Amanda Michelle Seyfried.

3. How do you say ‘Seyfried’?

There’s a lot of pronounciation error while people spell her last name. However, her last name is pronounced ‘sigh-frid’, if you want to know the truth.

4. What was her first professional job?

Amanda worked as a child model before getting acting jobs in movies. She had appeared in print ads with Leighton Meester.

5. How did she get her start in acting?

Amanda Seyfried first acting job was in soap operas. She appeared in soap operas ‘As the World Turns’ and ‘All My Children’ where she gets some recognition.

6. Where did she go to high school?

Amanda had finished her graduation while working as a child model. She is graduated from Allentown’s William Allen High School in 2003.

7. What was her College-bound?

Although she had never attended her college. Seyfried was accepted to Fordham University.

8. Why she never made it to college?

There’s a very good reason behind her decision to never attending her college. She deferred her enrollment after receiving a role in ‘Mean Girls’.

9. She wanted to be a different ‘Mean’ girl

There are 4 main characters in the mean girls. Amanda was auditioned for the role of Regina George. That role went to Rachel McAdams. Furthermore, Amanda was considered for the role of Cady as well that went to Lindsay Lohan.

10. Women are from ‘Mars’

Talking about the role she auditioned for and never make it on the screen, she had also auditioned for the lead role of Veronica Mars in the Women are from Mars but that wet to Kristen Bell. She had appeared in the movie playing the deceased best friend of Mars.

11. A leading lady

Despite being a popular face on tv and her continuous movie appearances, Amanda got her first lead role in the year 2008, in Mamma Mia! That was a musical blockbuster.

12. She really can sing

Amanda is a classically-trained singer, Amanda also contributed to multiple tracks on the ‘Mamma Mia!’ soundtrack along with her powerful performance in the movie as Sofia.

13. The role she missed out on

There’s one big role she had to miss due to her schedule conflicts. She was all set to appear in the Sucker Punch portraying the character of Baby Doll. This role went to Emily Browning.

14. A movie based on A novel

There’s hype for movies that are crafted out of bestselling novels. Amanda also appeared in a movie based on the best selling novel ‘Dear John’ by Nicholas Sparks. It is special because her ‘Mean Girls’ co-star Rachel McAdams had also done the same. She has been a part of Nicholas Sparks’ novel ‘The Notebook’ movie adaptation.

15. A revolutionary role or career-best performance

The career best performance of Amanda had come in 2012. Amanda appeared as Cosette a 2012 version of the musical ‘Les Miserables’ that was a multi-star movie with famous Hollywood names.

16. Her leading men

Seyfried love life was no secret. She has dated actors Dominic Cooper and Justin Long though her career ups and ended up marrying actor Thomas Sadoski.

17. She’s a mamma too!

Seyfried has a baby girl with Sadoski. Amanda has named her Nina.

18. She shares a birthday with a former co-star

There are many celebrities who share the same birthday but it is surprisingly unique that Amanda and her ‘Chloe’ co-star Julianne Moore share the same birthday date. It is December 3rd, however, Moore was born in 1960 and Amanda in 1985.

19. She loves the weather

Seyfried was deeply interested in meteorology and would have pursued a weather career if acting hadn’t panned out. However, she was destined to be an A-list celebrity in Hollywood.

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