Meet Anjali Pichai Wife of Sundar Pichai & Their Love Story


Anjali Pichai is an Indian chemical engineer who is currently working as the Business Operation Manager in Intuit, a software company. She is popularly known for being the wife of Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google.

When Pichai started dating Anjali, he didn’t have much from a financial point of view. However, he is now one of the most successful living people on the earth and makes over 3.5 crores every day. Here, we have chronicled the beautiful and infinitely sweet love story of Sundar and Anjali Pichai.

Name Anjali Pichai
Nick Name & Full Name Anjali Sundar Pichai
Age 48 Years
Date of Birth 11 January 1971
Birth Place Kota, Rajasthan
Mother Tongue Not Known
Caste Haryani
Children Kavya Pichai, Kiran Pichai
Husband Sundar Pichai
Parents Olaram Haryani & Madhuri Sharma
Education Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (1993)
Renowned For Sundar Pichai’s wife
Siblings Amit Haryani
Nationality Indian
Height 170 cm
Working in Business Operations Manager at Intuit


Sundar & Anjali Pichai Met in College, IIT Kharagpur

Sundar first met his wife in his college, IIT Kharagpur. Anjali was a fellow student and Pichai instantly fell in love with her. They started dating while studying in the IIT Kharagpur. In the final year of their engineering degree, Sunder offered Anjali a marriage proposal which she promptly accepted without overthinking.



At the time, Pichai was not financially sound and Anjali knew about it. During his college days, Sundar used to live in a small flat.

The couple had to face considerable difficulty in getting able to talk to each other. There were no smartphones back then. To talk with Anjali, Sundar devised an ingenious strategy. In a news interview, Pichai said that he had to request a girl to visit Anjali’s hostel and call her for him.



Anjali & Sundar Pichai Long Distance Relationship

After finishing college, Sundar decided to left for the USA to obtain his master’s degree. However, Anjali stayed in India after graduation. Owing to the tight financial situation, the couple was not able to regularly talk with each other. Sometimes Sundar and Anjali spent a whole six months without talking with each other.

Instead of weakening the duo’s romantic relationship, the distance brought them even more close. One day Anjali joined Sundar in the USA. By that time, Sundar also secured a job with a decent pay rate. After securing a good job, Pichai decided that it was the right time for him to marry Anjali.

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anjali pichai sundar-pichai marriage

Anjali Pichai’s Marriage Proposal:-

Sundar asked Anjali’s parents if he could marry their daughter. Anjali’s parents graciously gave their consent and blessings to the couple’s marriage. After marrying, the couple began to live in the USA.

anjali-pichai love story


Anjali Pichai is a lucky charm in Sundar Pichai’s personal and professional life:

While Pichai was working for Google, he got work offers from companies like Twitter, Yahoo, and Microsoft. Anjali advised her to stick with Google. It would be not unfair to say, that Anjali has played the role of a lucky charm in Pichai’s personal and professional life.

anjali-pichai wife of sundar pichai


The couple is now happily married and lives in the USA. They reside in a beautifully designed home with their children. Sundar and Anjali Pichai have a boy and a girl named Kavya and Kiran respectively.


Kavya Pichai Daughter of Sundar & Anjali Pichai

Kavya Pichai-daughter of anjali pichai sundar pichai

The love story of Sundar and Anjali Pichai also illustrates the adage: ‘behind every successful man, there is a woman’.


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