NewsDananeer Pakistani Viral Girl - 'Pawri Ho Rhi Hai'

Dananeer Pakistani Viral Girl – ‘Pawri Ho Rhi Hai’


Dananeer is a Pakistani girl whose video gone viral and become meme material for 2021. Dananeer Mobeen or Geena is a social media influencer who resides in Peshawar, Pakistan. Her content focuses on beauty, fashion, and make-up and even talks about mental health issues. She likes to cook and blogs about food as well. She also likes to sing and paint as well. She has about 551k followers on her Instagram which is where she posts most of her content.

In a video posted on Instagram earlier this month, Dananeer was seen pointing first to her car and then to her friends before explaining to viewers that the group was partying. “Yeh humari car hai, yeh hum hain, aur yeh humari pawri ho rahi hai (This is our car, this is us and this is our party going on)” she says in the short clip which has exploded online.

Here is a Viral “Pawri Ho rhi hai Video”

Here is Dananeer’s Stunning Photographs:-


Dananeer pakistani viral girl
source: Instagram


Dananeer - Pawri ho rhi hai girl
source: Instagram


Dananeer pak influencer
source: Instagram


Dananeer pawri ho rhi hai
source: Instagram


Dananeer pawri girl


Dananeer virl girl



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