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Have you ever played the game “Never have I ever…” late at night or the lame truth and dare? Have you also had the feeling that you feel nothing while playing the game, there is no excitement left and you just wanna cry for an hour straight coz there is nothing else to do? Are you an introvert like me who is shy in public, but a superhero Internet ninja on the web? If your answer is yes to all of those questions then I would love to introduce you to the world of online games and list some top online games for you that are hitting the top charts in the country. Try these 10 online games and tell us which one of these you can’t resist playing.


1. PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile was a game whose popularity has been on the rise since its release, it is a multiplayer game, where the main motto is to kill as many players as you can. There are also certain missions that you complete for which you get rewards. PUBG has been a great alternative for people with Mobile phones who wanted to play high-quality fps games like Call of duty.


2. Ludo King

This game is proof that old school nostalgia and simplicity still works pretty fine, as Ludo king is nothing but a virtual version of one of the most popular board games in India, Ludo. Ludo king allows you to play both online and offline, in the online version the algorithm hooks you up with random players and you play against each other. Ludo King also offers you to chat with the person via texts which are a pretty cool feature and brings the essence of real Ludo to the virtual world.


3. Garena Free fire

Garena free fire is also an fps and tps shooting game where the objective is to kill as many players from other teams as possible. Players are dropped to a specific location where they have to find other players and kill them before they get killed. The player/team which stays alive till the end wins the game. Garena free fire has one advantage over PUBG that it could be run on smartphones with less RAM without any problem which was a problem with PUBG.


4. Coin master

This game is a decade old game which was released in 2010 but gained popularity much later and now trending regularly, this game has simple gameplay where you use a slot machine to win coins and weapons. The main objective is to build own village by looting other villages and stealing resources from there. You are given five free spins every hour and if you wish to play longer but run of spins you can purchase spins through in-app purchases.


5. 8 ball pool

8 ball pool seems to have a never-dying craze among users and every day more and more people play this pool game. With the choices of 9-ball, 8-ball, or 8-ball bank-the-8 you can play either play individual games or enter 3-round mini-tournaments with 8 players. As you progress more and more you get rewards with which you can buy other stuff on the app to make your cues look better.

8 ball pool


6. Clash of Clans

A strategy based game, which allows you to build an army, unlock more and more warriors with a different set of skills, Clash of Clan is a really entertaining game, it was an instant hit upon release and ruled the top #10 rating for quite a long time. The game has a simple format where you have to build your own clan, attack other villages, loot their resources and keep upgrading your defense and army.


7. Minecraft

With more than 112 million active players, Minecraft is one of the most successful games of all time. This game has an interesting concept, where you are dropped to a random 3d pixelated world where you do anything like extracting raw materials or finding tools. Minecraft has many modes like survival mode or creative mode, you can play it according to your preferences.


8. Mini Militia

Mini Militia is another gun shooting game on the list but this one has much simpler gameplay where you are floating with guns in hand, with the sole purpose of killing anyone that comes in front of you. This is a multiplayer game that could be played both online and offline.


9. Mortal combat X

The mortal combat is a one to one fight game with some amazing graphics, the player will choose an avatar or choose a team of 3 and then fight with other players around the world. Do check out the game.

SO that was our list, did we miss any of your games? Sure do tell us so we can have fun with your game as well… 

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