How ToHow to Draw a Rose?

How to Draw a Rose?


As is said, roses are heavenly fragrances that invite people to stay and dance and sway. Its long green stem is as delicate as glass but its blooming petals stand out in the grass. Roses are the most beautiful, pleasing and alluring flowers symbolizing love-love for your lover, love for your family, love for your friends, and each type of love. Its heart-rendering fragrance brings out the most romantic side of a person. The sharp thorns on its stem depict the difficult situations of a relationship. 

So, here we are trying to teach you how to draw a perfect rose to get all its essence on a piece of paper. Although, it can’t provide you with the fragrance the alluring site will melt your heart right away. Drawing a perfect rose is however a difficult task and depends on the amount of practice one does, but here we tell you the easiest steps to sketch out a beautiful rose to stare at.

There are not many things that you will require to draw a mesmerizing rose-a pencil, a paper, an eraser and most importantly lots of patience as one makes mistakes in the beginning and you need to keep your calm to get excellence in this.

Sit back on your desk with all the essentials required to draw an eye-catching rose. Take out a thick plain white sheet to draw on. The thick sheet will help you in sketching properly as it will not tear up the paper while drawing. Now that you have everything, you are all set to get started. Follow the below-written steps to get an excellent result.

How To Draw a Rose

STEP 1: Start with drawing a vertical curve at the middle of the page. This will be the guide to your stem. Drawing the site, in the beginning, is the most important step as the making of the base is the most important thing in a relationship.

STEP 2: Now sketch out thorny details on both the left and right-hand side of the vertical curve line. This will give your stem a more pragmatic appearance.

STEP 3: Leaves are a must while sketching a flower. Hence, add a leaf which is extended on the top of the left-hand side of the thorny curve. 

STEP 4: Adding a few more leaves on both sides of the curve will give your rose a little more realistic look.

STEP 5: Now give detailing to the leaves which include sketching the midrib and veins and then giving an edgy effect to the leaves.

STEP 6: Then comes the time to draw the flower. To start with, first, draw its base i.e. sepals. Sepals safely keep all the petals enclosed within it when the flower hasn’t bloomed yet. Once the flower starts blooming, sepals provide a base to the petals to completely bloom and develop into a full flower.

STEP 7: Next up is the most important part of a rose, i.e. the beautiful petals. For drawing a petal, start from the left-hand side of the sepals and make a pitcher. On this draw an elongated bean to form the second petal. The pitcher and the elongated bean, both will help you in making beautiful ways in an extremely easy way.

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STEP 8: Now is the time to add more petals to the flower. Again, make a pitcher on the left-hand side of the previously drawn pitcher, but this time half and a small one.

STEP 9: Add a few more petals on the top and sides heading upwards to make it look like a fully bloomed flower.

STEP 10: Sketch a spiral at the center of the flower to complete the flower.

STEP 11: Erase out all the unnecessary guides and look out for mistakes, if any.

12.   STEP 12: The last step is adding colors to the sketch. This will give it a more realistic look and will make your flower more appealing and beautiful. Don’t add single shade colors. Try adding different shades of a particular color to the petals and also to the leaves and stem.

Beautiful! You’ve drawn an amazing and heart-rendering flower in the easiest way possible. Don’t worry if there are some mistakes or it doesn’t look perfect, practicing will help you achieving excellence in the art of drawing an attractive and lovely rose.

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