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Why Uncomfortable Clothing Is Never Worth It


We have seen many things change since the pandemic, of which one was the work culture. A lot of people currently work from home, and thanks to this, we got to see a lot of jokes about a work call where people paired pajamas on the bottom with an elegant blouse. However, this also got people thinking—why bother wearing uncomfortable clothes in the first place?

The idea of uncomfortable clothing is sometimes subjective and dependent on the wearer. What might be uncomfortable to you might be comfortable for someone else. Nonetheless, a few clothing items are plain uncomfortable and are pretty apparent from the style. For  instance, clothes that are overly skinny, oversize, shapewear, bodysuits, etc.

Beyond bringing you discomfort, uncomfortable clothing can actually be hazardous for your body when worn for a significant amount of time, find out the main concerns for wearing constricting and discomforting clothing below.


The Wrong Fit

Often, people are thought to wear uncomfortable clothing just to meet the expectations of the community and not because they truly like a specific attire. However, that’s just one of the many reasons.

If you look at all the uncomfortable clothing you have in your wardrobe, one apparent pattern you notice would be that most of them were a gift from someone. And you chose to keep those clothes though they were uncomfortable, because you didn’t want to put off the person or appear ungrateful.


Troubling Trends

Similarly, it is often tempting to invest in clothing that is trending at the moment. However, while all you are trying to do is be on-trend and make a fashion statement, these clothes might be truly uncomfortable that you have a hard time being in them.

Another reason why people choose to buy and wear uncomfortable clothing is because they tend to be more affordable. It is also worth noting any fit issues that are a result of changes in your weight. If your fluctuating weight means you often find your pants too big or small, you might want to consider opting for something more stretchable or a different style of bottom that better fits your changing body.


Sickening Clothing

Some of the most common issues that happen due to wearing uncomfortable clothing include irritation and pain. If the clothes are overly tight, you might also notice marks where the clothing squeezes your skin. However, these aren’t all. Uncomfortable clothes can also lead to other health issues and problems, as follows.


Nerve Compression

Much like the wrong affordable prescription sunglasses, any piece of clothing that is uncomfortably tight can have negative health effects. For example, body shapers like control-top pantyhose and compression undergarments designed to smooth out the stomach – sit too tightly across your lower abdominal region and upper thighs.

Resulting in a condition called meralgia paresthetica; where nerves in the front and outer sides of your thighs are irritated. Symptoms can include pain, burning, tingling in the thigh area, and hypersensitivity to the touch.


Digestive Issues

When tight pants and jeans are too tight, stress the stomach and intestine and intensify symptoms like heartburn and acid reflux associated with gastrointestinal disorders like irritable bowel syndrome and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), and Crohn’s disease.

In the long run, this can lead to severe conditions like esophagitis which makes swallowing difficult. Furthermore, if you have a condition like IBS that causes bloating, tight clothing will worsen the symptoms by affecting your digestion.


Cutting Off Circulation

Tight clothing like neckties can also lead to circulation problems in the neck, which cause modest changes in cerebrovascular reactivity that is related to the dilation ability of arteries in the brain—a potential cause of stroke.


Skin Irritation

Certain kinds of fabrics can also cause irritation and allergic reactions. Wool fabrics, in particular, can lead to allergic reactions in people called contact dermatitis. It is an itchy rash that can be chronic and have bumps.

Furthermore, clothing dye is a common cause of allergic skin rash, particularly blue and orange dyes. Elastic in underwear, socks, and bras can also cause rashes in people because of the rubber.


Be the Most Comfortable Person in the Room

If your clothes are comfortable, you will love getting dressed up, live for the cold, and look forward to long flights. So, yes! Comfortable clothes are definitely worth your consideration. However, before going on a cloth haul, take the last run-through of your closet. True comfort is about fit, fabric, and versatility. Master those three elements, and you can get away with feeling comfortable in clothes you already own.

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