Business & FinanceHow to Start Crypto Currency Trading for Beginners?

How to Start Crypto Currency Trading for Beginners?


Сrypto trading is a way to earn from buying and selling crypto assets by following strategies and using financial tools. Trading takes place on crypto platforms. So the first step in cryptocurrency trading is to find a reliable and convenient crypto platform. Let’s consider the steps a beginner user should take to get into crypto trading.

Select a Platform

There are hundreds of trading platforms on the Internet. A novice user should decide on registering on one of the regulated exchanges for a start because such platforms have intuitive interfaces and provide a high level of protection, as well as customer support in case you need help. Examples of worthy and intuitive exchanges:

  • Coinbase
  • WhiteBIT
  • ByBIT.

Two first have a function to train to trade using demo tokens. It is a very valued option for beginner traders.

Select An Asset

Pay attention to the assets market cap. The higher it is, the more stable the asset is and the less volatile it is. Bitcoin and Ethereum are obviously the best options, and their price movements are easier to predict compared with altcoins with smaller market caps. However, diversification is the key to success. If you are ready to risk, buy altcoins with small and middle caps and see what happens – it is quite possible they will rise many percentages in a short period of time, bringing you a fortune.

Select a Strategy

To be successful and efficient working in the crypto currency market, you should have a plan – a trading strategy that will help you make decisions in unpredictable situations. That is, you analyze the market and pick a strategy, and you know when you buy and sell coins and do not cheat your plan.

Automated Programs

Do not forget to set up trading bots – they will help you achieve results faster, for they will tack the market and sell and buy coins for you when you don’t sit at the computer. Set trading bots according to your strategy.

To start trading, you need to buy your first crypto asset. You can do it on a WhiteBIT crypto exchange using your bank card in a few simple steps. To learn how to trade in crypto in more detail, welcome to the WhiteBIT blog.

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