ViralLove Is About All The Little Things

Love Is About All The Little Things


1. Love is about accidentally hugging him while

sleeping at night love

2. Cooking with him is an entirely different experience.

love is cooking together

3. Love is when you can work silently in each other’s presence.

love is stay together

4. And when you go grocery shopping together.

love is shopping together

5. The random hugs are the most special.

love is simple hug

6. As is when both of you can’t decide what to order for dinner!

love is order food together

7. Holding his hand and walking in the rain is just so romantic.

love is holding hands in rain

8. It’s about your first bill or car together.

love is your first combine bill

9. That special moment when you read together.

love when you read together

10. Those tiny little honest confessions.

love is honest confessions

11. Because their problem is your problem.

love is understand each other

13. When you’re just sipping coffee at your favorite cafe.

love is unlimited talks

12. When you can talk for hours, and it still doesn’t feel enough.

love is having coffee in favt caffe


14. When you doze off in his lap.

love is when you sleep on lap

15. Even a long walk with him can make your day!

love is walk together

16. Because nothing else matters when you’re together.

love is always together

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