LifestyleBeautiful Simple Mehndi Designs For Every Occasion

Beautiful Simple Mehndi Designs For Every Occasion


In Indian culture, mehndi is very important. On every auspicious occasion, women apply Beautiful and simple mehndi designs in their hands to show the importance of the occasion. The biggest dilemma in applying mehndi or henna on our hands is to choose the perfect design. Even if you have chosen a good mehndi design for you, you will have to see whether it could be applied easily or not. 


Here we are going to talk about a few of the beautiful simple mehndi designs that are on the latest trend:-


1. Flower Design Mehndi

Beautiful Simple Mehndi Designs

With the changing time, the mehndi designs have changed, but there are some of them that will always remain the most loved and most used. One such design is flower design. The flower design is one of those mehndi designs that could be used in multiple ways. It could be used to fill the blanks that are there in your mehndi design or you could create a whole design with the help of it. It is easy to make, yet looks beautiful. This will never go out of trend is the best of all simple mehndi designs for all occasions. 


2. African Mehndi Design

Beautiful Simple Mehndi Designs

One of the most common and easy mehndi designs that mehndi designers have used from time and eternity is the Arabic designs. The design that we are going to talk about here is its counterpart. The African mehndi design is simple and easy to make. In the Arabic design you will be able to fill one part of your hand only, while in the African design, there are some of the symbols that you could use to fill your hand completely. This design mainly consists of geometric lines and shapes. The best thing about this type of design is that they are less time consuming and could be made by anyone. 


3. Petal Design Mehndi 

Beautiful Simple Mehndi Designs

This is somewhat similar to the flower design. The use of this design is just like that of flower design. Now, you could use them in filling up the blank as well as in making a complete design out of it. This is the perfect design for both hands and feet. You could put a little flower and then draw a lot of petals around it to complete the design. This could be your go-to design and you can make it even if you are not pro at mehndi designs. These types of designs are a perfect examples of simple mehndi designs. 


4. Quirky Mehndi Designs 

Beautiful Simple Mehndi Designs

This is an era of quirkiness. People find quirkiness in everything that they do or use. So, mehndi designs to are not untouched from it. If we talk about traditional mehndi designs then it takes a lot of patience in creating it, while this is not the case with quirky designs. They are simple mehndi designs that could be easily made. Apart from that, they look unique when they are applied to the hand. We could bet that if you will apply this type of design on your hands, people are going to stare at it, time and again. 


5. Full hand mehndi design 

Beautiful Simple Mehndi Designs

If you talk in the terms of beauty of the mehndi, then this would come on top of all. We won’t say that this is the simplest of all, but you can choose one design accordingly and can make it easy. In the previous points also we talked about a few of the designs that could be used in making a design that will fill your entire hand. A full hand mehndi design could be applied to the hand of a bride and also to a girl who wants to apply it just like that. 


6. Zigzag pattern mehndi designs 

Beautiful Simple Mehndi Designs

This is yet another example of a simple mehndi design. When we say the name, many people will think that this won’t look good on hands. However, if you apply the design on the hand in a unique way, it could make the best design of all. The best part about this mehndi design is that it could be made real soon and anyone who wants to make a mehndi design could make it. It consists of a lot of lines and the lines start randomly and end at random points. This too is a simple mehndi design and could be applied on almost every occasion. 


So, these were the easiest stunning mehndi designs that you could actually apply at any auspicious occasion. You should not think that if these designs are simple then they couldn’t look beautiful on your hands. All the designs that we have suggested are just amazing and easy to apply. 


Some more beautiful Mehndi Designs you love to try:


Beautiful Simple Mehndi Designs on hands



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Beautiful simple Mehndi designs



stunning mehndi designs


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