History Top 10 Reasons Why We Study History

Top 10 Reasons Why We Study History


When we think about school days, it is usually the memories with friends that we most miss. Sometimes people miss their favorite teachers or subjects or a specific place in their campus where they used to hang out but rarely do we see people feeling nostalgic about History as a subject. To us, History just seemed like a boring class where we had to remember names and dates to score well in the exams but turns out there is more to this phenomenal subject than just the names or the dates.


So, here we come up with important 10 reasons why we study History:


1. Better Understanding of the World

Reasons Why We Study History

History as a subject makes us understand the world in a better way. There is no way we can build our life without knowing how things work around the world. History can create an image for us to guide us through different societies and how they came to be as they are now.


2. Better Understanding of Others

Reasons Why We Study History 2

By studying History, we understand the people who are different from us. We get to know their culture, ancestors, norms, and more. Therefore, by studying History, we can develop a greater appreciation towards others.


3. Better Understanding of Oneself

Reasons Why We Study History

The reason why we study history gives us a Better Understanding of Ourselves. A large part of the development of a sense of self comes from studying history. By studying one’s own culture, ancestry, nation, city, community, etc., can make us visualize where we come from and who we actually are. We also get to know the legacies that we inherit from our ancestors.


4. Understanding the Change

Reasons Why We Study History

By studying history, we understand how the world is changing around us. Everyone has a different experience in the world which is shaped by norms, society, culture, personal experiences, etc. And by studying History, we can understand this change and this difference.


5. Tools to Become Decent Citizens

Reasons Why We Study History

People usually consider those as good citizens who are well aware of their surroundings. To be more informed about one’s surroundings, History is the subject that helps. History gives us facts about our society and culture that help us be a part of the same.


6. Better Decision Making

Reasons Why We Study History - better dicision making

It is well said that “Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it”. Studying history helps us learn from the past and the mistakes that were committed then. By learning, we get the opportunity to make better decisions for our future.

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7. An Amazing Profession

Reasons Why We Study History - high paying jobs

Studying History is more popular these days than one can imagine. By pursuing History as a profession, it can land you on the perfect jobs like media, tourism, journalism, teaching, libraries, public history, archiving, museum curator, etc., are just a few to name. 


8. Development of Essential Life Skills

Reasons Why We Study History - it helps cultural awareness

Apart from decision making, we also learn some of the very important life skills by studying History. Some of them are problem-solving, critical thinking, cultural awareness, research skills, communication skills, and more.

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9. Get Inspiration

Reasons Why We Study History - inspiration
John Galliano Takes Inspiration From Activism And History For New Maison Margiela Collection

Historical stories and anecdotes can also inspire a person towards doing greater things. History outlines the heroic acts of the brave men which could ignite a fire within a few of you.


10. A New Level of Appreciation

Reasons Why We Study History - mahatma gandhi

History is not just about nations, leaders, and wars. It is also about the stories of a number of people who stood for what they believed in, worked hard, or even died to make their dreams come true and present us with the world we are living in. All this information can make you love yourself, others, and your surrounding.

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Top 10 Reasons Why We Study History

When we think about school days, it is usually the memories with friends that we most miss. Sometimes people...

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