NewsMeet Alisha Kramer, Wife of Jon Ossoff

Meet Alisha Kramer, Wife of Jon Ossoff


Alisha Kramer, the wife of just-elected US Senator from Georgia John Ossoff, and learn about their relationship and career paths.

Jon Ossoff’s will to participate in the elections has already brought in some ridiculing memes and tweets and has raised questions about Jewish kids. To be fair, if a young filmmaker with absolutely no knowledge or experience in the political world succeeds in a time-changing election, people are bound to go nuts. However, a ray of hope to Ossoff’s life came along when he got engaged to his now-wife, Alisha Kramer. And why wouldn’t she be? She is after all a doctor with plenty of experience. So here is all you need to know about Alisha Kramer.

News Update Dec 2021: (ATLANTA – Georgia )Sen. Jon Ossoff and his wife Dr. Alisha Kramer have a special holiday gift – their first child. Friday, a spokesperson for Ossoff says the senator and Kramer welcomed their daughter Eva Beth Ossoff to the world.


Teenage Romance of Alisha Kramer & John Ossoff:

Ossoff and Alisha Kramer’s romance is nothing new. It actually was a match made in high school. Both Kramer and Ossoff attended Paideia School, Atlanta, Georgia. Although Ossoff is three years older than Kramer, they most likely started dating when Kramer was in her freshmen year and he was a senior.

Later, both even attended Georgetown where she majored in Global Health, and joined just a year before her partner graduated.

Alisha kramer wife of John Ossoff,


Traveled Across Globe:

You don’t expect a person to be majoring in Global Health and not travel outside of their country. Kramer has studied as an international student in Denmark and has also organized research trips and lead delegations to different countries like Botswana, Switzerland, Ethiopia, South Africa, and Zambia. She has also worked in globally talked about fields like tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and women’s health.

Alisha kramer


Alisha Kramer, A Practicing Doctor:

alisha-kramer doctor

After graduating, Kramer worked for two years in Washington D.C. Think Tank. Later she returned to Atlanta and started medical school at Emory University and is currently an OB-GYN resident there. Although she never completely quit the policy world. She opposed the state’s new abortion law in 2019 and testified before the court.

Kramer, being a hardworking woman, has also conducted online townhalls with Ossoff in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Some of them have been right after her shifts in the hospital.


Ossoff is Proud of Alisha Kramer

Ossoff will make sure that you don’t forget who her wife is. In a number of his social media posts, he has proudly mentioned her wife’s name along with her qualifications and position. He is also proud of the fact that she is out there during the pandemic, helping her patients, welcoming babies into the world.

The couple had also made a significant life change when Ossoff chose to live in a neighborhood from where it will be an easier commute to Kramer’s workplace rather than living in a neighborhood which he was representing in the elections.

alisha kramer


Private Life of Alisha Kramer & Jon Ossoff

Apart from boasting about his wife’s career and publicly stating how much he supports her, the couple also knows the boundaries of discussing their private lives. Before marriage, a light teasing was seen in the public when reporters asked him about the wedding to which he replied maturely that they want to keep their private life out of the limelight. But it was also reported that soon after Ossoff popped the question.

Alisha kramer


Work Comes First

It was seen that on the night of elections, when most of the population had their eyes glued to television sets and social media, Kramer spent her night in the hospital serving the community. She tried to keep a tab on the results between patients.


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