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What Do Dream Mean? 5 Common Dreams & Their Hidden Meanings


You must have heard that different dreams have different meanings. Now, this is a known fact, but there are not many people who actually know what a particular dream means. Sigmund Freud, who is the father of psychoanalysis, is considered as the first person who has talked about dreams. Now, according to him, whatever comes in our dream is actually the work of our sub-conscious. Those who have read his theory might know about these things. Apart from that there are other writers too who have talked about it.

Here, we have discussed several dreams and their meaning. If you too are a person who sees random things in their dreams, then you could refer to these points. 

1. Nudity in public

The very first common dream type is the one when you see that you are naked in public. We could not say that this is a type of dream that is seen by most of the people, but there are people who see it very often. According to the book, Dream Dictionary of Dummies written by Penny Peirce, this type of dream means that the person is actually afraid inside. He or she is afraid of revealing their negativeness in public. 

2. Dream of Loosing teeth 

The second type of dream could be seeing yourself losing your teeth. The same book, mentioned in the previous option suggests that this dream could have multiple meanings. The dream means that the person is worried about his or her looks. They are afraid that they might not look attractive. Apart from this, there could be possibility that the person is concerned about their communication skills. If you ask about it particularly, then one who is watching this dream, he or she should be thinking about a mistake that they have done while saying something. 

3. Falling dream 

Dream Mean

This is by far the most common dream that people see. No matter what your age is, you must have seen this dream. There are a lot of myths related to this dream. People think that if you are on height and you touch the ground in your dream, after falling, then this is the sign of your death coming to you soon. However, this is wrong. If we talk scientifically, then this dream means that a certain decision that you have taken in your life is wrong and you need to rethink about it. So, if you are watching this type of dream, you should consider all your decisions and actions that are taken or made recently. 

4. A dream that someone is chasing you

This dream is not so common, but if you are going through any such dream, there could be multiple meaning to that. If we talk about the clear meaning then this is really terrifying and if this happens in real life, anyone will get scared. However, in scientific terms, this dream means that you are trying to avoid something. According to Tony Crisp, author of Dream Dictionary, these types of dreams mean that there are some shortcomings in that person that they are trying to escape that. Now, the specific escape unit could be decided by the person who is chasing you. If you are being chased by an animal, then there is a possibility that you want to escape your anger, passions and other such feelings. If you could not identify who is chasing you, then there is a possibility that you want to escape something that you have faced in your childhood. 

5. Dream that you are being cheated 

This again is a dream that you can quite often. This dream is common in adults, especially those who are in a relationship. Now, they could see that their spouse or partner is cheating on them. If this happens in reality, then it could be really frustrating. You will surprise to know that this is the first type of dream is true to it. If in your dreams, you have seen that your partner is cheating on you, then there is a trust issue in your relationship. This suggests that you are clearly facing this doubt in your head and that is coming in your dreams too. This is quite depressing but is true. 

So, these are the dreams that people normally see and do not know what to interpret out of it. These meanings will help you in knowing that if you are watching a particular dream, then what the reasons behind it are. You will know the truth and then won’t feel frustrated.

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