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What Is Guided Sleep Meditation? And Why You Should Try This


There are a lot of health and body-related issues, but if talk of their cure, the most trustworthy way is a natural way. One such natural way that you could go with, is meditation. There are different meditation methods for different problems. The one we are going to talk about here is called guided sleep meditation. This is related to sleeping and its issues. Here are all the points that you should know about this meditation method. 

What is Guided sleep meditation?

As the name suggests, guided sleep meditation is a meditation that helps a person in gaining sound sleep. This is a very different kind of meditation. The guidelines that are given to you are adapted by your body in every sense and then it leads to sleep. A person who is following this way of sleeping actually leaves all his worries and stress of the day behind and keep his mind relaxed. According to scientific studies, meditation contributes to making your heartbeat normal and at point. It also slows down your breathing rate, thus creating the proper environment of sound sleep. Along with that, there are a lot of other benefits that one could actually get from guided sleep meditation. Some of them are listed below. If you too are a sleep-deprived person, you could get benefit from the points that are given below. 

Research shows that Americans lack proper sleep: Most adults function best when they sleep 7-9 hours per night, but over 40% of Americans sleep fewer than 7 hours nightly, according to a recent Gallup poll. 30% of people report difficulty falling and staying asleep at least a few times per month; 6% experience insomnia on a near-nightly basis. This problem has even birthed an entire industry: In 2014, people around the world spent $58 billion on sleep-aids, a figure projected to rise to $76.7 billion by 2019.

What is Guided sleep meditation?

1. Slow down your aging process

The very first thing that we have discussed already is that this meditation focuses on the process of improving your sleep quality. Now, if you know about it, you must be aware that good sleep is needed for a healthy lifestyle. One of the biggest benefits of good sleep is that slows down your aging process. This does not mean that if you are doing guided sleep meditation, then you will not get aged. This means that you could start getting the symptoms that are usually seen in old age people. However, if you are doing guided sleep mediation, then you will not end your nights without sleep and ultimately will remain young forever. 

2. Bliss for cancer patient

This point is relatable only to people who have faced cancer or have seen any cancer patient closely. They know that even if the disease is cured, you face a really hard time, especially due to loss of sleep. Out of all the things that you try to avoid this sleep disturbance problem of yours, the best would be trying the guided sleep meditation. A research was conducted to find out whether this is working or not. At the end of the study, it was calculated that the sleep disorder that the cancer patients use to have, vanished. Along with that, it helped them in getting rid of their fatigue and stress. 

3. Help to fight any type of sleep disorder 

This point is actually related to the previous two points. Now, the name of this meditation is guided sleep meditation. All the benefits that you get from it linked with the sleep in one way or another. Now, if you are a person who could not sleep on time or if you wake up in the middle of night and could not go back to sleep, then this is the best thing that you could do. To avoid this restlessness that you are facing, you should try doing guided sleep meditation. If we talk about the researches that have been conducted in accordance, then the results of it were amazing. This meditation makes you aware of the current situation, which makes your mind peaceful and you are able to shed your stress. 

4. All your pain goes away 

Sleeplessness could be caused by a lot of factors. One is obviously the stress that you get from the work and other day-to-day activity. Another factor that could cause this sleeplessness is the pain and various aches that you get after work. After you start pursuing guided sleep meditation, you could easily get rid of all your aches and pains. As we mentioned earlier also, this meditation makes you aware of your body. The researchers who conducted research related to it say that the youths who pursue this meditation method have experienced a better life which is free of all the stress and pain

So, these were the benefits that you could get if you are following the guided sleep meditation. We are sure that the readers must have got the idea that how this is important for insomniacs. 

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