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20 Weird Websites On The Internet You Need To Check Out


A survey conducted in 2012 has confirmed that there were over 634 million websites on the internet. We can say that the internet is a cesspool of weird shit, randomness, and a whole lot of everything you ever thought to search out varying from fake to reality.  

This article has a list of some stupid websites on the internet that will give you a loud laugh and you will ask why such a website even exists.

Here are 20 epic creations on the internet as a website that should be your daily dose of stupidity.


This is a website where your cursor is attached to the tweet bar. Whenever you click it opens your twitter account and you have to make a tweet. This is fun. 


The endless horse is a website similar to what you get silly WhatsApp wishes that seem endless. There is a horse on the website and its legs are endless. All you do is scrolling.



This is actually about bees. All you see on the website are bees flying here and there. From TV to annoying people while BEES comes out in Bold Yellow. 


Is a good intro on the website appeals to you? You should visit to get a good welcoming on the website in African accents. And this is only this, the whole website is an intro. Check it out yourself. 


It is a website that tells you it’s Christmas or not. Seriously, it will only tell you whether today is Christmas or not. Keep checking this website if you don’t know when Christmas comes.  


The mock Mensa website is created to serve out IQ tests for people. This is a good idea for a website as there are many websites like so. However, to crack Mock Mensa, you have to be especially stupid. It is hard to get that IQ test right. 


This cool little storytelling website is unique because it tells stories from 2040. You can see that some splendid developments going on. Want to hear some good stuff from the future? Visit the website.


Finally, a website that has actually nothing. All you see a revolving mango in the bright yellow background. Check it yourself.


As the website says, God hates shrimp. This is a spoof website that contains a list of hilarious posts on the church’s objection to the molluscs. You can check it out in your free time. 


There’s no need to say anything about this website. This website has He-Man and many other jiving (similar dance to popular music numbers) ever. Go check it out. 


This is the crazy website with a short video (you will probably think of a gif) of a man slapped hard by an eel. This is only it, nothing more. Don’t believe me, go check it out yourself.


You will love this website once you try to load the site. Because what you see is that loading a cat or some music. Creators have a great mind behind it because it’s endless fun.


It is a website that shows you middle finger whenever you will go to cut the tab. This is unique in itself. Go visit this site if you have a good day and want a change. 


Who doesn’t need someone if there’s an emergency? You need to take care of, if there is an emergency, and this website will help you to do so. All you need in the emergency is a yodel.


What anasomnia sounds to you… a kind of creepy? It is kind of fun too. You shouldn’t worry about, there are no jump scares. It is just a whole lot of anticipation and uneasiness. 


This is really a cool website. This website tracks your mouse pointer and then sets up photos of various people pointing at your mouse pointer.  


This is a website that I don’t know funny because it shows random color or what. When I saw this it is green. Hope you will see your favorite color. 


This website will show you your color for a certain day. This is all about to show your hustling with loud music. You need to check this website. 


This is really the nicest place on the internet. The nicest place on earth is a webcam collection of people from around the world who are throwing out some love from their computer for all the lonesome hearts.


If this list is not enough for you. Then this website is just for you to hover around the most random shit on the internet. Welcome to the useless web.

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