LifestyleHere's Why Square Sunglasses for Men are Still Trending

Here’s Why Square Sunglasses for Men are Still Trending


Sunglasses today are a lifestyle essential that is quickly evolving into a space for experimentation and self-expression for most men. From frame shapes, sizes, lenses, and colors, sunglasses and their designs are becoming increasingly personalized. Even though no frame type holds a monopoly across the decades, few styles have made the mark as effectively as square sunglasses for men. These frames are designed to fit all spaces and faces while effortlessly chic and timeless.


Square sunglasses for men, by the nature of the design and style history, are must-have essentials for the fashion conscious. They are flattering on most face shapes and give a certain sharpness to your appearance whilst being understated. These lenses are additionally a great synthesis of fashion and protection as they provide 100% coverage from harmful UV radiation from the sun, all year round. Therefore let us understand why square sunglasses for men are still trending.

1. Great with Quirky Designs

Square Sunglasses for Men 2

Sunglasses on runways, fashion week, and streetwear have evolved into playful spaces of experimentation and embracing the new. Square sunglasses for men are some of the most focally developed styles. Most high-fashion brands accessorize their apparel with large, square sunglasses that are a departure from conventional designs. With adorned frames, sharp corners, and even bedazzled light-lenses, square sunglasses for men are the perfect shapes to work with and develop into head-turning statement pieces.

2. Reinvented into Classic Styles

Square Sunglasses for Men

As seen on this pair by Fastrack, these square sunglasses for men have been adapted into the aesthetic of aviators. The iconic nose bridge on square lenses gives it a new-age touch while retaining its vintage appeal. This quality makes square-shaped sunglasses great to work with, as they can be adapted into thin and thick frames alike and also be able to maintain their universal appeal. Since designs today are born from inspiration and reinvention, square sunglasses for men is a space replete with great pieces to choose from.


3. Great with Reflector Lenses

Square Sunglasses for Men 2

Often donned by athletes, sports stars, and other on-field performers, reflector lenses have quickly evolved from a necessity to a stylish statement piece. As these lenses provide comfort and maximum protection from UV Radiation, square-shaped sunglasses are the best for them to be paired with. Reflector lenses are nowadays not limited to the sporting arena, as it has quickly found their way into urban streetwear and athleisure. Paired with square-shaped sunglasses, these become versatile to pair with all kinds of apparel.


4. Stylish with Tortoise Shell Designs

Square Sunglasses for Men 2

Another iconic frame design, the speckled amber finesse of the tortoiseshell glasses, has been most popularly imagined with square rimmed sunglasses because of the rounder-out appearance and classic finish. The shell design has made the square sunglasses for men a welcome space for bringing back classic designs and helping them find newfound recognition today. Because of its classy appearance, the square-shaped sunglasses additionally make It sharp and chic to wear to business and formal events whilst effortlessly elevating your appearance.


5. Spruced up with Transparent Frames

Square Sunglasses for Men 2

Transparent frames are a bold choice for many eyewear enthusiasts, but they can quickly become a seamless mix of futurism and function when paired with the right-shaped lenses and frame shape. Since transparent frames are challenging to tackle in terms of aesthetics, most eyewear designers pair them with square sunglasses for men. This mix leads to the creation of an iconic pair that captures the spirit of the new-age and the urban and is a great choice for those who enjoy experimenting with their eyewear.

Square sunglasses for men are a reflection of function and fashion coming together to create a bold statement. To find your pair of trendy square sunglasses for men, you can head over to reputed retailers like Titan Eyeplus. They curate several brands and designers meant to make you stand out and stay on the pulse of fashion and the latest trends.

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