SportsDebunking the Biggest Poker Myths

Debunking the Biggest Poker Myths


Poker is a legendary game: For more than a hundred years, it’s been enjoyed by millions of players around the world. Initially associated with America’s Wild West, its reputation has been enhanced by a host of Hollywood movies that harness poker as the main theme.

Legends can also be associated with myths and that’s certainly the case here. A number of half-truths and completely false theories have been attached to the game over many decades. Here are some of those myths, along with the facts that are in place to debunk them.


Poker is all About Chance

There is an element of chance to any card game, but it’s wrong to say that poker is completely down to luck. All versions of the game, including Omaha and texas holdem, require skill and strategy in order to enjoy success.

The understanding of probability and the ability to read other players when at the table are just two of the qualities needed.

It’s a fairly easy myth to debunk when we consider the wider picture. The top poker players in the world can earn millions on the circuit and, if the game were so simple, we would all be emulating them. Essentially, poker is a game of skill with an element of chance attached.

Poker is all About Chance


Poker has hot and cold streaks

Superstition can creep into any game, but it’s simply a myth. Some players feel that they are destined to experience a cold streak or a hot run for any number of reasons.

At online casinos, they may feel that the odds are weighted in their favor at certain times of the day and on specific days of the week. Others may cross over to the live rooms where they feel they have a better chance of success with their ‘lucky’ dealer.

While it may be a comfort for some players, none of these superstitions have any substance behind them. Your luck, when you need it, is in when it’s in and none of these factors play any part.


Always Raise When You Hold Face Cards?

Many of the popular poker myths that exist today relate to strategy. There is advice out there that tells you to always react in a certain way when you have specific cards in your hand.

The truth is that there can never be any guarantees. Raising may be a good option when you hold face cards, but there is no single foolproof strategy. It’s better to learn how to read other players and see how they react to the initial round of dealing.


No Need for Aggressive Play

There are some suggestions that an aggressive player stands a greater chance of success at the table. Those who are always looking to up the stakes, no matter what cards they possess, will have an edge.

While it may be the case that this approach could take out some timid, newer players, it won’t work against those with more experience. Balanced decision-making, based on the cards that you hold, is the sensible way to tackle the tables.


Myths Around Playing Online

While the house may always win, it doesn’t mean to say that you cannot land prizes while playing poker at an online casino. Those games that are played with automated software employ a Random Number Generator (RNG), to ensure that each turn of the card is a fair and random event.

Most online casinos also have live rooms with real-life dealers running the game. Decks of cards are changed regularly and those dealers rotate on a regular basis. Each casino is regulated and they must offer a fair platform and an even playing field for all of their customers. Results will vary, but it’s a myth to say that online casinos are not a good option.


Myths Around Bluffing

Bluffing is the art of winning with a weak hand while convincing your opponents that it’s much stronger. If your competitors fall for it, they will fold as the stakes get higher. It may be great for the Hollywood Movie industry, but there is a whole set of myths attached to the bluff.

The first thing to understand is that bluffing is a risky strategy. A successful bluff makes for good TV, but at a professional level, it rarely works on a consistent basis. Over time, poker wins are earned by having the best hand and the art of bluff is a myth in itself.

All card and table games have myths attached to them, but poker seems to attract more than its fair share of half-truths. It’s the legendary status of the game that attracts so many confused and incorrect theories.

The game may be complex, but the only way to win is by sticking to a solid strategy while acknowledging that luck will also play a part along the way.

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