SportsBest Roulette Sites for Indian Players

Best Roulette Sites for Indian Players


Roulette is a favorite game of many people from India. Everyone has a different reason to decide on playing this game. Some people do that because the rules are extremely easy. Others like the fact that roulette comes with high RTP. In the end, it is hard to find a person that does not consider roulette entertaining.

With advanced technology, this game has become even more accessible to all the people from India. You already know that laws in this country are not gambling-friendly a lot. Some states like Goa are exceptions, but, when you look closer, gambling is mostly illegal. However, with online world, everyone with a stable Wi-Fi connection and decent smartphone or laptop device can join different roulette sites and enjoy this amazing game.

Is everything simple? Mostly! The main concern players from India should have is finding the right roulette site. When you just type “roulette casinos” on Google, you will see millions of results. Unfortunately, not all the websites you see there are good.


Roulette Sites Come with Certain Characteristics

You should not focus a lot on the designs and ads that you see every day on social media, Google, or any other platform. Instead of that, you should check out the most important features that some of the best roulette sites in India have. If that seems too difficult for you, you can check the link that we attached in the previous sentence and make the entire process easier. The opinion of the experts matters a lot!

But, even after seeing the recommendations there, you should check out a couple of details. Because of that, let’s find out which characteristics are the most relevant ones and how to properly spot a professional roulette site in India. Let’s go!


License is a Must

Roulette license is must

Don’t even bother to continue exploring the website if there is nothing about the license on the platform. License is the approval from third-party independent regulatory bodies that everything around website is legit and fair. In most cases, owners of the online casinos put them in the footer of the heading. Apart from the institution that issued the license, there should be a license number next to it. Simply copy that number, go to the website of the regulatory body and check out if the license is still valid. Keep in mind the online casinos have to reapply for the license again and again after a certain period of time.


Quality of the Web and App Versions

Smartphones do not serve only for selfies. If you love online gambling, then playing roulette on mobile is going to be even more interesting to you. Of course, playing it via a web browser is also a good option. In both cases, the casino website should work properly. That also counts when we talk about the app!

Most professional roulette sites that operate in India will let you download the app to your smartphone. Doing that on iPhone is easy – go to app store and find it. Google (Android) has a specific policy. Because of that, Android users will have to play this gambling game via browser.

Now you understand why the online casino you selected need to have a functional web and app. If one of those things does not work properly, it may happen that one group of players won’t enjoy the benefits of this form of gambling to the fullest.


Check Who Developed Roulette Games

who developed Roulette Games

Different software developing companies develop different variants of roulette. The software that supports each roulette game you find is crucial for your safety as well as the entertainment and fairness of the games. When you know that being a software developer is one of the highest-paid jobs, then you know how this matters to both, casinos and players.

The companies you should see on a casino you selected are Microgaming, NetEnt, Quickspin, Red Tiger, Evolution Gaming, and others. Before you select any roulette variant, check out more about the company that developed it. If you see it has a good reputation and amazing achievements, you can be sure everything will be fun and fair. These companies only collaborate with reputable casinos!


Customer Support Needs to Be Top-Notch

customer support on games

The games themselves are not the only thing you should focus on. Customer support on the gambling site that you selected is one of the crucial elements. Imagine that something stops working or you have a problem with transferring funds. What can you do despite contacting customer support?

The ideal option would be that customer support works 24 hours a day. The offshore casinos operate in different parts of the globe, and people are playing games in the different parts of the day. But, if that’s not the case, you should not be too disappointed. If they work 12 hours a day, that’s a great thing as well!

A more important thing is the number of communication channels that you can use to reach the customer service. In most cases, there should be 3 of them – email, live chat, and phone. Another important fact is how quickly they answer the doubts and questions that customers have. Customer support does not directly solve a problem, but it notifies the responsible individuals and teams within the business that need to solve a particular problem. If the replay is slow, you won’t manage to fix urgent issues that occurred.


Bonus Tip: How to Confirm that You Are Making the Right Choice?

As we previously mentioned, the reviews written by the experts are the most reliable source of information and guideline. But you can also check the reviews from the previous and current customers. If most of them are positive, you can be sure that your conclusions were correct.

If you have time, you can also research the mainstream media. There, you can easily check out whether an online casino was involved in some sort of scandal. Good reputation is a plus!


Final Thought

These are all the things you should put into consideration when looking for the best roulette sites in India. We are sure things will be much easier after knowing the most relevant features. But, if you need extra help, check the opinions of the experts and reviews of the customers. If there is nothing confusing or negative, be free to register, deposit money, and enjoy roulette to the fullest.

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