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The Rare Blood Type named ‘The Golden Blood’ Only 40 people Have Had It


What are the most common blood type? 

A, B and O.

These are the most common blood types that everyone knows. However, a blood type called the Bombay Blood group which is considered extremely rare. This blood type was discovered in 1952, and it was reported that this blood type is found in 4 people only out of a million. 

Now, this is a rare blood type, but there’s a rarer one. Rarer than the Bombay Blood Group.

Introducing, Rhnull or the cooler name – Golden Blood.

It is named as Golden Blood because it is the rarest blood type in the whole world. It is so rare that only 40 people are recorded to have this blood type. And out of these 40 people, only 9 people are donating their rare blood. 

Have you ever wondered how these blood types are determined? We all have red blood cells and those cells have 342 antigens. These antigens produce antibodies. And the blood type of a person is determined on the basis of the presence or absence of these antigens. 

Most people have 160 to 342 antigens in the blood group. You will be the rare blood group person if you lack antigens that 99 percent of the people around the globe are positive for. And if somehow you lack an antigen that 99.99 percent are positive for, then your blood type is extremely rare. 

This rarest blood type ‘the golden blood’ is found in 1974 when ten-year-old Thomas went for the blood test. He went to the University Hospital of Geneva to get an infection checked out. Till that time, there are 35 recognized blood group systems and Thomas didn’t have any of them. 

Not to speak of the negative or positive blood group, Thomas lacks any Rh antigens at all. According to doctors there, Thomas shouldn’t have been alive. Doctors were confused and shocked, they had sent him to Amsterdam and Paris for further blood tests. It was confirmed then that Thomas had Rhnull blood type which is a rare blood type. 

What are the advantages of having Rhnull blood type? If you are one lucky person to have Rhnull blood type then get ready to be approached by doctors and scientists throughout the globe. All they want is to study your blood type. Rhnull is one of the universal donor group for anyone. It has a humongous life-saving capability. 

The lucky people who have ‘golden blood’ running through their vein have the power to save anyon’e life. But they should be in grave danger if something happens to them. You cannot risk mixing the blood types as Rhnull is rarest blood type found yet.

If there is a requirement of such a rare blood type in a different part of the world then it is very difficult to send the blood sample across the borders. In the Thomas case, he had to fly to France to donate the blood due to strict laws. The cold fact, however, is that he wasn’t get paid for it. He had done this on his own dime. 

At first, Thomas had done it when a baby in Geneva needed his blood. 

People having Rhnull blood type can live a normal life, can have children, and enjoy their life fully. However, they can be mildly aneamic (lacking red blood cells). 

One thing for sure, peole having Rhnull blood type live a different life. They need to be extra careful. Thoms won’t travel countries that lacks modern medical facilities. Most important, he carries a card that confirms he is having the golden blood. He drives very carefully in order to avoid accidents and injuries. 

Apparently, Thomas is not the only one who donates his rare blood. There are 8 other people throughout the world who have rare blood and donate it willingly. However, it is pretty hard to say whether they are an active donor or not. There’s no denying that it is the most desired blood group.

For the very reason, doctors hold the Rhnull blood type in high esteem. They use this blood for very extreme and rare cases. 

For that very reason, doctors hold it in high esteem. They use it only for very very extreme and rare cases. Because once used, it is almost impossible to replace. 

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