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New Resident in “Virgin River in season 2”, Sarah Dugdale Joins the Cast as Lizzie


The second season of Virgin River has a new resident. According to sources, Sarah Dugdale is joining the cast as Lizzie.

The second season of Virgin River has many new characters. Sarah Dugdale confirmed that she will be seen playing the character of Lizzie who is Connie’s niece and recently move to Virgin River from Los Angeles. She said that her character is sort of a wild child and doesn’t have a filter sometimes. In the series, her parents sent her to the small-time to get calm down a bit.


Sarah revealed that the character of Lizzie will be seen as getting mature as the season progress. She has a good character arc and her attitude softens as well during the show’s runtime.

From the trailer, fans speculated that Lizzie will fall in love with Ricky and their relationship will develop in the season. Sarah also mentioned that Ricky is the only other younger person on the show and she can have fun with Ricky. The relationship between these two is sweet in season 2 and they balance and grow with each other which is pretty relatable to the audience.

While talking about her character, Sarah said, “Lizzie and Ricky’s relationship is really sweet and lovely. It has this cool twist where Lizzy’s kind of the more confident person in the situation, so it’s cool to see their dynamic. She’s from the big city and has a little more world experience. Ricky’s a little more sheltered, so their dynamic was cool to play with.”


Sarah has suggested some story arc for season 3. She said that makers would give Lizzie the past and her relationship with her parents. She mentioned that in the audition she read the lines and her character description but she is eager to know more about the character. Season 2 of Virgin River is streaming on Netflix.

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