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10 Must Watch Julia Roberts Movies


Julia Fiona Roberts or Julia Roberts is an American Actress and producer. This academy award winning beauty made her debut with the television series Crime Story. Born on October 28, 1967 in Georgia, she got her first Academy Award nomination for the movie Steel Magnolias in 1989. Roberts is most praised for her role in Pretty Woman.

Julia Roberts was honored with Oscar for her lead role in Erin Brockovich in 2001. She is known for being one of the highest paid actresses and box-office earners of all time.

Julia Roberts has starred in a number of movies and a lot of them are surely a must watch because of her great acting. So here we come up with 10 best movies of Julia Roberts that you should definitely watch.

1. Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman is an American romantic comedy released in 1990. The movie is about a rich entrepreneur who hires a prostitute to attend some social events. The problem arises when they fall in love.

Best Julia Roberts Movies

2. Erin Brockovich

This 2000 biography is based on true story of Erin Brockovich, who was a legal assistant. Being a single mother, she comes across a huge case in her life where she finds out that Pacific Gas and Electric is poisoning city’s supply water and she seeks justice.

Best Julia Roberts Movies

3. Dying Young

This 1991 romance drama is based on the novel of same name by Marti Leimbach. The movie is about a woman who takes care of a smart man who is fighting leukemia. Their relationship soon turns into romance. But when his health continues to decline, they both determine to face the tragedies together.

Best Julia Roberts Movies

4. Steel Magnolias

Steel Magnolias is a 1989 comedy drama that is about a woman who fears that she might lose her baby during the childbirth. So, her friends help her adore the miracle of life and try to give her strength and power to get it through.

Best Julia Roberts Movies

5. Notting Hill

This romantic comedy of 1999 is about a British bookseller who falls in love with a high profile American actress but they surely have a lot of problems in their relationship because of their different social status.

Best Julia Roberts Movies

6. Flatliners

Flatliners is a science fiction psychological horror of 1990 that is about five medical students who device a very dangerous experiment to learn about happenings in the afterlife, which causes them a lot of trouble and they even bring themselves near to death.

Best Julia Roberts Movies

7. My Best Friend’s Wedding

This romantic comedy of 1997 is about a girl who is shocked to know that her best friend is getting married. She has mixed feelings about the wedding and her relationship with him, so she tries to sabotage it.

Best Julia Roberts Movies

8. Sleeping With the Enemy

This 1991 romantic psychological thriller movie is about a woman who is forced to change her name, identity and everything about herself to escape the most dangerous man she has ever come across, her own husband.

Best Julia Roberts Movies

9. Closer

This 2004 romantic drama is about the relationship between two couples that starts to disturb when the man of one couple starts an affair with the woman of the other.

Best Julia Roberts Movies

10. Mystic Pizza

Mystic Pizza is a romantic comedy of 1988 which is about three workers at a pizza outlet who have complications in their love lives and later are set to find their perfect match.

Best Julia Roberts Movies

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