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11 Best Marketing Strategies for Tattoo Studios


People often spend quality time searching for a good tattoo artist. Considerably, a Tattoo parlor is also a show business, you have to make your Tattoo studios visible to the audience. You need to come up with a few advertising tricks to increase your clientele even if you are a confident and talented freelance tattoo artist.

You need to make sure that people may know about your Tattoo parlor and notice your business activities. If you are struggling to get clients for your tattoo business, here are some effective marketing strategies for tattoo studios.


1. Build Your Brand

The most effective way to get people’s attention is to build the brand for your business. You can associate your brand with tattooing styles such as watercolor, traditional, realism, etc. It helps you to bring people who came to your parlor seeking the exact thing that you offer.


2. Proudly Promote Your Tattoo Shop

Promoting often increases sales. Make sure you create stunning visuals in the form of banners, business cards, flyers, and stickers, to reach your potential customers. You can make great use of social media platforms to promote your Tattoo Shop.


3. Custom Promotional Items

You can use promotional items to display your tattoo works, such as custom stickers, and pins. Making these products and distributing them to customers can increase brand awareness and help build better customer relationships.

If you are thinking of bulk custom promotional products to promote your tattoo studio, you can choose a professional custom sticker maker: This store provides an easy-to-use sticker design system where you can freely design great-looking patterns, and also supports you in uploading your designs, they will quickly draw the corresponding sticker styles for you. Whether you’re using these stickers as promotions or giveaways, they’re a great way to bring more traffic and clients to your tattoo studio.

tattoo custom stickers


4. Create a Professional Website

Since your clients live online these days, you need to set up your tattoo studio online as well. You can set up your online Tattoo business with a professional website. Furthermore, you can customize your website and include features to promote your business. This way, your clients can reach you easily whenever they make up their minds to get a tattoo.


5. Have an Online Booking System

It has been seen that many times clients reach out to you but leave when they get any difficulties contacting you. We suggest you have an online booking system or a good unmissable follow-up plan. There are many software and apps that help you set up an online booking system for your tattoo parlor.


6. Constant Follow-Up

There’s a concept in marketing where buyers can leave at any point during their purchase journey. Getting a tattoo is a big deal and people can change their minds any minute even when they book an appointment. You need to come up with a follow-up strategy to remind them about the tattoo parlor.



7. Showcase Your Business on Social Media

Social Media is the best tool to connect with new audiences and get constant business. You just need to showcase your business portfolio. There are a few social media platforms that deal with imagery such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. You can use hashtags to increase your image reach on social media platforms.


8. Offer Best Deals, Discounts, And Freebies

The most effective marketing strategy to lure new audiences is to offer the best deals and huge discounts. You can reach your customers by providing them with exclusive deals and discounts on tattoo services. Adding attractive packages to your menu will bring you more clients.


9. Word Of Mouth Promotions

Many tattoo conventions allow you to interact with other tattoo artists. It helps you promote your business to people who are more interested than any others in your business. It may lead to word-of-mouth promotions.

Furthermore, you can show off your artistic talents to attract clients to your tattoo studio. Also, you can incentivize people who bring more business to your tattoo studio.


10. Claim a Listing on Google My Business

Google has an interesting feature to promote your tattoo parlor in your area. You need to claim your Google My Business listing and optimize it with a local SEO strategy. It helps you get all the clients who search “Tattoo Parlor Near Me” in Google Seach Engine.
In addition to this, you can ask your clients to write a review about your tattoo studio. Good reviews will increase your chances to attract new audiences to your tattoo parlor.


11. Offer Quality Services

The most important thing in your marketing strategy includes offering quality services to your clients. Good tattoo artists motivate their clients to get the designs that may suit their personalities. You make sure that your clients will show off the tattoo with pride.

All these above-mentioned marketing strategies may work for your business when you offer quality services to your clients.



Starting a tattoo shop is not enough for the business, you need to come up with a great tattoo studio marketing plan. You can start with these most effective marketing strategies to increase your chances of getting a boost in the market.

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