Why BTS’ Jungkook Deleted All His Instagram Posts Before The White House Visit?


BTS’ Jungkook shocked all his fans when he deleted all his Instagram posts just before his band’s white house visit. Fans are surprised and looking for answers to why he did that, nobody has a clue about it, as he was posting on Instagram as usual and about his visit to the white house.

why BTS' Jungkook Deleted All His Instagram Posts 1

BTS’ Jungkook deleted all Instagram posts just hours before the Korean band’s White House visit. The band members are sharing updates, about their visit to meet President Joe Biden in Washington DC, and all of sudden Jungkook deleted all his Instagram posts in a surprising move. Worried fans have reached out to V and J-Hope to find out why the Kpop star deleted all his posts.

“when you’re too sad cause of jungkook’s instagram and jimin still being inactive and then there’s jung hoseok lowkey giving us updates about them on his recent stories,” a user tweeted. Some guessed that it might be because he plans to release a new song.

“Jungkook seems to have archived all his Instagram posts. It is something artists usually do when they are about to release music. Could be? New era????” a fan wrote on Twitter.ย  Several others tried to find clues in V and J-Hope’s Instagram Stories. Sample the tweets here:






BTS, which stands for Beyond the Scene, are best known for chartbuster tracks like “My “Universe”, “DNA”, “Save Me”, “Life Goes On” and “Butter”.


Jungkook later shared pics from the White House for his fans.



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