Business & FinanceWhat All Creative Marketing Campaigns Have in Common

What All Creative Marketing Campaigns Have in Common


According to the Journal of Advertising Research, marketing dates back to the Iron Age. That’s when brands first started identifying themselves with distinctive marks akin to today’s logos.

Few of these early efforts ever achieved immortality. Yet many modern-day campaigns remain ingrained in our memories decades after they’ve ended.

These long-lived marketing campaigns succeed because they go beyond promoting a product, service, or brand. They get people thinking.

So, if you’re struggling to get your offering to stand out in a competitive marketing environment, you should try a new approach.

Check out these ideas for creative marketing campaigns to help inspire and motivate your customers.


Experiential Marketing Strategy

Experiential marketing ideas allow customers to interact with a brand tangibly. They work very well for events, but you can also incorporate them into your marketing.

When backed by an online dialog, these campaigns create lasting, positive associations with your brand.

Lean Cuisine’s ”Weigh This” marketing campaign is an example of experiential marketing that got people thinking.

This campaign allowed consumers to choose how they wanted to be ”weighed”. It featured a gallery of scales where people could voluntarily weigh in by writing down these accomplishments.

Lean Cuisine took the focus off eating less for good health and brought a healthy self-image into the picture instead. This creates a positive association in a world that’s weary of dietary messaging.


Eye-Catching Creative Marketing Campaigns

Specsavers’ ”you should have gone to Specsavers” campaign is another example of non-intrusive advertising. The company used inobtrusive billboards, social media, and posters to draw attention to its brand.

The simple graphics highlight instances where impaired vision could impact people’s lives. The humorous ads caused passers-by to look twice and wonder if they needed to get their eyes checked.


Personalized Creative Marketing Campaign

Coco-Cola is well-known for its memorable campaigns. The latest one in Romania is one of the best.

The country is statistically the unhappiest place worldwide, and Coke set about trying to change that.

The campaign featured images of half-full bottles of Coke. Printing on the top half highlighted a positive fact about the country, and encouraged readers to fill in the other half of the story.

In this way, the company hopes to help Romanians to focus on the positives in life thanks to their favorite beverage.


Break the Mold

The above examples are only a small sample of the world’s most interesting marketing campaigns.

Would you like to set up more memorable marketing for your brand? Start by considering the pain points that your products help alleviate.

When you view your business from this angle, it’s easier to come up with relatable, creative, and inspiring marketing.

Are you curious to discover more? Click through to explore some more marketing innovation ideas.

Get Creative and Grow Your Business

There’s no limit to the new ideas you can introduce into your creative marketing campaigns. The secret is to consider your offering from every angle and find a new approach for getting your brand on the map.

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