Lifestyle7 Truly Amazing Low Maintenance Haircuts for Men

7 Truly Amazing Low Maintenance Haircuts for Men


Let’s be honest:
We all love to wear the best haircuts and keep our hair super neat. Studies have also revealed that women find men with clean, stylish hair and symmetrical facial features attractive.



The good things don’t come easy. Meaning that it takes prompt hair care to keep our hair in perfect shape. Sadly, not all of us have the time and luxury to invest in proper hair grooming.

Do you agree?

This is especially true for those of us who are businessmen and others who are not but are leading a busy lifestyle.



There are some really amazing low-maintenance haircuts for men in this category. And WiseBarber is here to share the best 7 of those hairstyles with us today. Check them out below:


1. Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut -  Low Maintenance Haircuts for Men

Buzz Cut is one of the earliest haircuts for men, becoming popular among British punk rockers during the 1970s. It is an entry-level haircut for anyone who’s just learning how to use a clipper and it passes for a casual and official hairstyle. Once trimmed, all you have to do is brush your Buzz Cut and apply to it this pomade for men.


2. Ivy League

Ivy League - Low Maintenance Haircuts for Men

The Ivy League is, according to popular opinion, a hairstyle for the social butterfly. However, it is the style you’re likely to get when you ask your barber for a haircut for a job interview. It’s stylish but not over the top and looks better on men with triangular faces.


3. Crew Cut

Crew Cut - Low Maintenance Haircuts for Men

Crew Cut is one of the most popular Ivy League haircuts that doesn’t require regular trimming once styled. To achieve a Crew Cut, simply trim the top hair to 2 inches and cut an Undercut or a Taper Fade underneath.


4. French Crop

French Crop  - Low Maintenance Haircuts for Men

If you have wavy hair, rock a French Crop; the classic, elegant, stylish, and low-maintenance haircut for men. A French Crop is also perfect for hiding a pointed forehead and will give you a masculine look by balancing your angular features. For your info, this haircut demands that you take a few trips to the barbershop once in a while.


5. Short Slick Back

Short Slick - Low Maintenance Haircuts for Men

Work with a wide-toothed comb and either a gel or a pomade to style a sleek and sexy Slick Back hairstyle. Go classical or pair yours with either an Undercut or a Taper for a more modern look. While a Slick Back is more appropriate for men with long hair, it also lends to short hair men.


6. Side Part

Side Part - Low Maintenance Haircuts for Men

For men with bulky or voluminous hair, a Side Part haircut is an easy way to achieve a bold, dapper look. As the name suggests, a Side Part features a deep parting line to a side and the style is generally framed in tight lineups.


7. Clean Bald Shave

Clean Bald - Low Maintenance Haircuts for Men

Studies have revealed that women find bald men with beards manly and hot. So, opting for a Clean Bald Shave not only puts you in the other gender’s good book but also makes life easier for you. With a Clean Bald Shave, you’ll never have to visit the barbershop until the hair starts to regrow.

In Conclusion

We can all agree that not all men out there can commit to a high-maintenance haircut. The reason is that most of us are busy businessmen who don’t have the time for proper hair care. Meanwhile, others are living below minimum wage and can’t afford the costs of maintaining these expensive hairstyles.


WiseBarber has just given us a roundup of 7 awesome low-maintenance haircuts. You can also check out this list of 23 men’s back tattoos. And if you have questions or want to share your best low-maintenance haircut ideas, use the comment section below.

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